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☑️ Use my Ref code and let's get IMT together.
☞ You can get 5 IMT & 2 Bonus IMT every sign in when you use my ref link/code.
☞ 861c79e5 (ref code)
☞ What is IMT/Idle Mystic Token? IMT is like AXS
☞ MST/Magic Stone token is like SLP.
☞ You need atleast 3 minimum heroes to play.
☞ You can buy/get heroes through Marketplace or Gifting.
➤ Idle Mystic is the world's first 3D NFT game made by PTE Game.
✮About Gameplay✮
➤ You can Sign in everyday to get 2 IMT.
➤ Additional 1 IMT for each successful Invite when you use ref code. Must confirm through website. Dashboard IMT & Bonus.
➤ Earn Upto 150 MST/Magic Stone Token a day through PVP & Adventures.
➤ You need 10 Wins in PVP to get 50 MST
➤ Adventures can be claim 2x a day 50 MST per adventure, but don't forget to claim your rewards before reset. So it doesn't count for tomorrow.
➤ Reset 08:00 Singapore time GMT+8
✮About Adventures Time✮
➤ 3 Heroes - 10hrs
➤ 4 Heroes - 9hrs
➤ 5 Heroes - 8hrs
➤ 6 Heroes - 7hrs
✮About Breeding & Gifting✮
➤ Breeding need MST & IMT but as of now inherit doesn't required IMT.
➤Make sure you click the mint button so the inherit button will show up.
➤ 100MST per 1 hero so = 200MST - 1st inherit must have 0/7 inheritance.
➤ 200MST/ per 1 hero - 2nd inheritance 1/7 inheritance.
(Breeding Cost at WhitePaper)
➤ After 2 Days of breeding, You can use your heroes in Adventures & PVP.
➤ After Day 4 of breeding, Stats & Skills of your heroes will appear at website.
➤ After Day 5 of the day you start breeding your heroes are fully awakened, You can re-breed again.
➤ You can check at the whitepaper for more info.
➤ Gifted/Bought heroes will lock your Heroes for 32hrs until you can use it.
➤ Multi Account is allowed as long as you don't hack codes.
➤ If you have questions ask the admins. Thank you!
▶️Matic Mainnet◀️
✮Magic Stone Token CA✮
✮IDLE Heroes Address✮
✮IDLE Keys Address✮
▶️Token Decimal - 0


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