CoPuppy : is a decentralized dog game that supports the interaction of different types of GameFi

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CoPuppy is one of the GameFi Defi protocols based on the blockchain BSC, in this project CoPuppy has many unique and certainly very interesting features. especially in some cute dog collections and you can cultivate, fight with the dogs you have. In addition, the Copuppy platform also provides services to collectors or NFT companies, NFT artists for trading or trading on this platform. GameFi in dog style always attracts huge investments in the market. especially in NFT Copuppy, you can have a great opportunity to increase your income with the various items offered by the team on the Copuppy platform.

CoPuppy, on the other hand, aims to be the first GameFi protocol application in the world with some unique dog characters that puts Copuppy as the first in the NFT market today. It can be said that CoPuppy is a decentralized toy for dogs. There are many dog-themed games such as Alaska Inu, Doggekiller, Dogemoon, Elondoge, but what I will present to you is very different from other NFT / Game projects. because CopuPpy has many advantages and unique features. I am also very excited to be part of this project because I firmly believe that the existence of the Copuppy project is a great opportunity for me to continue to grow in the future. With the experience of the team with positive values, there is no doubt that CoPuppy will soon be introduced in many key markets.

CoPuppy is the most exciting transponder project in the smart binance chain. This endeavor includes fundraising games etc. leading Goggs' open world. gamefi metavere and others who know and develop the Mind. In the near future, coPuppy will benefit from the expansion of this metaverse aggregation project, which covers a wide range of effort conditions and variables. The Copupy interface is very easy to use and has a modern look and with the help of the response, users can easily see pop-up information here, enhancing the appearance of various nfts that users buy. This is very important because the user can know the benefits of the nft symbol. It also appears on the watchdog website so that users do not have to worry about the services offered by coPuppy due to the launch of coPuppy games, math, etc. as close associates. On the one hand, coPuppy, which has become a very original and modern economic ecosystem, will lead you to see new inventors in the world of nft. Babies are the best. #NFT #BSC #GameFi #Metaverse #PlayToEarn

Co-Puppy Features

The team that developed the Co-Puppy ecosystem created a powerful system with a complex structure using Blockchain technology, the platform protocol applies a unique powerful algorithm with mathematical calculations to each transaction process, which ensures a fair game system for all. financial complex. An integration that provides access to various DEFI services and provides users with passive income. Each user can collect unique NFT assets in the Co-Puppy ecosystem by purchasing certified NFT puppies for access to various exciting ecosystem features. Users can also set in bulk using a control panel for each NFT resource they have. The Co-Puppy Ecosystem also offers a unique and comprehensive gameplay with an exciting new style.

Gamefi's Co-Puppy platform has been carefully designed, bringing together a variety of key elements such as challenges, NFT, games, collectibles in one place. His team ensures user safety and performs internal and external control processes from trusted sites such as Certi, while providing a simple and accessible transaction process through a distributed system in a blockchain-based network called the Intelligent Correction Chain (BEP-20). . Their platform also combines various interesting features into one platform and offers user satisfaction. Co-Puppy is creating a new game trend that allows users to play, earn money and also collect awesome 3D NFT. Thanks to the tables they developed,

CoPuppy is a project that brings new secure features and fun application development to bsc. Metaverse trading plan in the Binance smart chain. This project includes collectible toy funding and much more to create this basic open dog world. In the near future, coPuppy will evolve into a large-scale decentralized metadata repository project with many different Ecosystems and projects.

Nft battle card: The nft card battle is really in compensation, the little one has to claim the card to get the coin, once the coin is issued, the endless CP confirmation tank will enter the pool for a long time. It is not so difficult to suggest a little man who is struggling for sensation.

Wet situation: This will give the world a large prey dog ​​and will lose all of the mountain CP. Gazing Cards is the nft coPuppy organization and a global center for small commercial canneries. The card saw ten pictures of dogs, they were all one photo, and they were very small and very large.

farm: Small dogs can get keys from the farm saving LP boost experience. so you can also enter the result that ckey collects by saving the split badge.

Game Introduction: The coPuppy battle features hundreds of small dogs of various shapes for a total of ten different dog categories as follows. shiba inu husky, st, toy, corgi, alaskan.

Customers can choose from four clear groups at the beginning, each group having different variants, different genders and different teeth. These dogs have different movements throughout the encounter.

NFT card battles are based on pool compensation. Little people have to use cards to win coins after the coins are handed out in the pool. As a result, unlimited CP will be taken to the pool for a very long time. If it's not too difficult, offer your little one to fight for ideas. Really disastrous conditions: We will give Pup World more and more big games and all the combined CPs will be lost.

Scratchcard is a key part of NFT CoPuppy and Metaverse-Little Canine World. There are 10 pictures of dogs on the scratch card, only one picture in total, which is very small and large. The puppy holding the Genesis Card NFT has the upper right corner to register with Puppy World. This is the only environmental guarantee puppy that has basic rights and interests, such as majority rule rights, additional rights, board rights. Genesis cards are divided into four types: cyberpunk, knight, ninja and Viking champion. #NFT #BSC #GameFi #Metaverse #PlayToEarn

Benefits of Copuppy

  • Basic application improvements for DEFI and NFT.
  • High performance for all exchanges
  • Definitely a safer and more secure blockchain for decentralized money.
  • The rapid growth of decentralized money from Copuppy.
  • A real calm that Blockchain is not used for any non-monetary application, so the choice of the Foundation and the center's designers focuses on 100% decentralized cases of monetary use and that's it.
  • The rapid growth of Copuppy Dex places great emphasis on cost-effective applications.
  • A negligible surface of attack of sharp monetary agreements made on stage.
  • Reliable management
  • Very persistent - sometimes it depends on the blockchain

Many industries have started to apply NFT, one of which is gaming. Blockchain technology offers maximum transparency when the system is a new ecosystem that is resistant to manipulation and can change anywhere in the world. The whole world is in one place. Each content will have only one on the entire Blockchain network. Beyond the uniqueness of the content market, the concept of non-removable brands is a system with a new idea that is more substantially unique, applying electronic certificates that guarantee proof to everyone through a distributed network, so that no one can violate it. . and the NFT ecosystem itself has changed. Methods of exchanging assets in the market in the form of tweets, gifs, skins, rarity, games, books, music, art and much more. puppies together,

Token CoPuppy Information

The Co-Puppy Monitor will become part of the World Bank, based on the rules of the same order and stability of the sink and you will avoid mistakes and errors in closing the faucet of the sink and the sink. need financial services. Co-Puppy Fnance is not an easy way to keep your love. This would be catastrophic and is explained indirectly. Compared to a similar role to Fédéro, what Co-Puppy FINANCIE can do goes far beyond the global ERDF.

The live price of CoPuppy today is $ 2.45 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 13,152,459 USD. Update CP price in USD in real time. CoPuppy has risen 10.19% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap's current valuation is # 2692, with no immediate purchase limit available. Traffic power is not available and max. supply of 1,000,000,000 CP coins.

If you want to know where to buy CoPuppy, the best exchanges for trading at CoPuppy right now are ZT, BKEX, BitZ, PancakeSwap (V2) and AOFEX. You can find others listed on the cryptocurrency exchange page.

Limited trading period

CoPuppy is a fair start, with no token pre-sale, no private placement, so to ensure the fairness of the project, the following steps are defined:

The team will first add liquidity and set the allowed trading times. Users can only buy CP after the team has completed the transaction. Pay attention to the official community and the media for the allowed trading times. Within 10 minutes of opening the CP for trading, in order to limit the trading period, the maximum purchase amount of each user is 100,000 CP. At the end of the limited trading period, there will be no limit to the user's buying behavior.

  • Symbol: CP
  • Contract address: 0x82c19905b036bf4e329740989dcf6ae441ae26c1
  • Binance SmartChain (BEP-20)
  • Price: $ 1.8

  • 25% of the total distribution goes to dog fighting.
  • 20% for the mining liquidity sector
  • 2% is available in the Genesis card rewards program.
  • 50% for the Share card bonus program.
  • And 3% come to the group for motivation reasons.


Our goal is to provide a DApp that can be a useful tool for Ethereum network users and we believe we have succeeded! You can use Cupuppy to browse and explore the various available DApps and view the various projects created. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to Cupuppy and explain how it works. We're glad you decided to take a closer look at the Cupuppy DApp! We know you will love doing this. You will immediately feel the beauty of this DApp. DApps can change the world and we are here to make it a reality. We hope you are with us on this journey!

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