LEPASA - NFTs are the blend of real-life & fine art, bringing 3D game-ready NFTs into the NFT space.

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What is LEPASA ?
A revolutionary community-based NFT Art Project with the goal of developing a complete ecosystem for artists, gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Lepasa will be home to mythological legends crafted with the highest quality and powered by the power of NFT. As a developer himself wrote. We are creating an ecosystem that will attract everyone who believes in innovation to join the Crypto & NFT revolution. The world is moving forward at an unprecedented speed. With Lepasa, you can experience all the possible possibilities and have a lot of fun.

Lepasa's vision is to create a mythological world that houses beautiful legends. Which will offer a social experience with an economy driven by subsoil and ownership of unique creatures, with content distribution. Developers will be able to build apps on top of Freelance, distribute them to users, and monetize them.

In the future the project may have the possibility to implement peer-to-peer communication, scripting systems for interactive content, and cryptocurrency payment systems for transactions in the world. Communication layers for social experiences, providing positioning, posture, voice chat, and more; This can be achieved with a P2P network. A script system is a tool that landowners can use to describe the behavior and interactions of 3D objects, sounds, and applications running on blocks of land.

The planned zone and its above-ground development capabilities will make the Lepasa block of land unique. Each block of land will be assigned a unique address with the specific characteristics of the area. This will help with the spatial discovery of new content and the creation of custom themes. Blocks in Lepasa have a fixed amount of proximity. In addition, the contents of adjacent blocks can be seen from a distance. For content creators, zoning provides access to targeted traffic; for end users, it allows discovery of themed experiences. Users can travel through the environment and interact with the applications they find. Developers can acquire users by buying land in high-interest areas. This will allow a secondary market to develop around land ownership and leasing,


Use Case
Applications & Games — The scripting language will allow to develop applications, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D scenes and to handle a wide range of capabilities, including creating objects, loading textures, handling physics, coding user interactions, sound, payments, and external calls among others.
Advertising — Brands can advertise using billboards near, or on, high-interest land blocks to promote their products, services, and events. Some environments may be virtual versions of locations that stand out to advertisers because of high user interest. In addition, brands can showcase products, services and create shared experiences to engage with their audience.

Digital Collectibles (NFT) — We expect users to publish, distribute and collect rare digital assets issued by Lepasa and other blockchain projects by their creators. As is the case today in other virtual worlds or via online forums, these digital assets will be traded in this world via a scripting system and supported by the naming system mentioned above.
Socialization — Groups currently congregating in online forums, chat groups, or even other centralized multiplayer games can move their community to Freelancing. Offline communities can also be found in the Lepasa room to gather and interact. For example Facebook has a large number of users from all over the world and gives them the ability to create groups, apps and sub platforms, where they interact for their own purposes. Similarly in Freelancing, users should have a better chance of being explored.

Tourism — Virtual Tourism is something that has a strong future. When artists around the world can inhabit their imaginations on the Lapasa platform, it brings the possibility even for school students and researchers to visit Lepasa for study, training and adventure.

E-Commerce — Online shopping on website and mobile is very well established to the core from every corner around the world, Most likely a large number of freelancers can inspire global sellers to sell real goods to users through their virtual store on the platform. Other virtual world games have witnessed this.
technology & Architecture -

The proposed protocol has 3 divisions.

Registry Layer - This layer records the permanent data of landowners and their contents.
Content Layer - It carries assets that are built on top of blocks of land using a decentralized system.
P2P Layer - Facilitates developers, landowner users to interact with each other through various channels like text & voice chat.
Land holdings are recorded in the registry layer, where the land content is referenced via a file content hash. From this reference, information can be downloaded from IPFS. The downloaded file contains descriptions of objects, textures, sounds, and other elements needed to create a particular scene. It also contains meeting server URLs to coordinate connections between P2P users browsing tiles simultaneously.


The Freelance Legendary was created exclusively for the Freelance community and can only be earned with $LEPA tokens.

High Liquidity: The $LEPA token provides sufficient liquidity to project to exchange between NFT and tokens
Hyper Deflation: Each swap burns $LEPA tokens, which ensures continuous scarcity.
Staking: Hold $LEPA tokens and stake for rewards.
Crosschain: Access $LEPA on multiple public blockchains.
It is important for you to know the token economy and how we will use the funds.
Total Supply: 100 M
Initial Circulation Supply: Less than 10%
List Price: $0.15
Public Sale: $0.10
Token Distribution
Everything you want to know about Free Token Distribution.

1% Public sale - Price: $0.10
List Price - $0.15
Strategic & Private Distribution - 10% will be given on listing, Then daily vesting for 365 days.
Basic Reserve - After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Marketing & Business Development - 10% awarded on listing, Then given daily for 365 days.
Liquidity - 10% of the total supply is allocated for liquidity.
Team - After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Advisor - After 1 year, daily vesting for 365 days.
Use of Funds
This is how the funds will be used.

40% of the funds will be used to support development.
Marketing actions such as market entry strategies will account for 20% of the total funds raised.
Law and Accounting will represent 10% of the total funds raised.
30% of the funds will be used to provide liquidity to the exchange.
That's all I can say in this article. If you need accurate and reliable information, you can visit their official link, which I have provided below:

For More Information:
Website: https://www.lepasa.com/
WhitePaper: https://www.lepasa.com/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lepasaorg
Telegram: https://t.me/lepasa_discuss
Medium: https://lepasa.medium.com/

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