Bcnex - The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform

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Bcnex - The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform

What is Bcnex?
Bcnex is a full-service ecosystem for the purchase, exchange and trading of blockchain -based tokens and a wide range of digital assets. It is a customer-centric, highly and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements.

lt is supplemented by an optimail asset storage model achieved by combining hot wallets, cold wallets, and secure hardware with similar operational structures applied by banks, ISP providers, and the governments of developed countries. This guarantees absolute se- curity of customer assets even if the system is compromised, while still ensuring the plat- form liquidity.

Compared to existing solutions, Bcnex is a fast, accurate, and low latency trading plat- form with flexible scalability that can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second. lt oper- ates with its own native cryptocurrency - the BCNX token built on the Ethereum block- chain, which will be used to trade, buy, and sell other cryptocurrencies, cover transaction fees and receive incentives of up to 75%.

Bcnex is a user-centric exchange developed as a result of the collaboration between ex- perienced developers and trading experts with a proven track record in automating dis- tribution, designing high performance web applications and facilitating access to the financial market. Backed by a team that has been deeply immersed in the cryptocurrency community for years, Bcnex is ideally positioned to become a globally ac cessible exchange for the blockchain era that is meant to reward you, the user


The problem of today's cryptocurrency exchanges
Itechnical architecture Many of the exchanges were established by qualified engineers with little or no experience in the financial field who donft know how to operate a financial services platform. To save money and time, they often choose the easiest way to get the system up and running. These exchanges may work well in the first place, but as the amount of traffic increases, the system becomes overloaded and unable to process user requests. Exchanges need to be well-de- signed from the ground up, with enough security, efficiency, processing speed, and scalabili- ty. This slows down initial development but is very important for long-term success. Bcnex is backed by the experience of its individual members who have developed and man- aged world-class financial systems in the Forex market as well as real-time data application systems. We have in-depth understanding and experience in building and operating such systems.

Lack of Security Statistics show that hundreds of exchanges have closed due to hacker infiltration or malicious activity. In 2017 and 2018 crypto exchanges suffered a total loss of $882 million due to targeted attacks according to data from Group-IB. Bcnex is designed to the highest standards of security, is rigorously tested, and is regularly checked to prevent unauthorized access to the system. We are familiar with traditional tools and methods, such as spear phishing, social engineering, distribution of malware, and website defacement. Bcnex's team is well-versed in technically com- plex server solutions that stay ahead of current threats.

LOWw market liquidlity The goal of a centralized exchange is to create high liquidity, support investors to trade, and take initiative toward buy/sell decisions. However, most digital asset exchanges do not meet this requirement. Having an order book with poor depth results in high slippage when trad- ing, which leads to unpredictable financial results for investors. In addition, attracting coin miners, investment institutions, and high-volume traders to a newly established exchange is not easy and requires a professional team with in-depth knowledge about this new market.

Door Customer service Many exchanges still neglect the importance of customer service, even though this is one of the factors that determines the success of an exchange. According to a study by Accen- ture, 52% of customers who've had a bad customer service experience with a company stopped buying their products and service. By far the biggest complaint users currently have with existing cryptocurrency exchanges is poor customer support. The issues are many and include long withdrawal times, login issues, unanswered support tickets, and nonexistent documentation.

Why choose Bcnex, Bcnex project solution

Safety and Stability
Bcnex is a highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements.

Safety and security solutions Muiti-layer security architecture Bcnex has been engineered from the ground up with security in mind. To ensure this, we are deploying system security across multiple layers, including (but not limited to): robust firewalls, anti-DoS tools, and multiple user alerts. lf abnormail activity is detected, Bcnex blocks the account for a certain period of time and alerts the owner of the ac- count. The use of Google/SMS 2FA Authentication is required when the users perform any action relating to security and withdrawals on the platform as an additional mea- sure of security. In addition to the process of KYC (Know Your Customer) before at- tempting to perform any transaction-related behaviors. we will make efforts to ensure security of all users' crypto assets, aiming to achieve banking industry level auditing and security compliance. Optimal wallet solution Considering that large balances of cryptocurrencies are being stored on major exchanges, it is important to have a strong system to keep user funds secure. After a long period of research and cooperation with security firms, we have designed a complete- ly secure solution even in the event that the system is compromised, while still ensuring the system's liquidity. Our solution consists of a combination of a hot wallet, a cold wallet, and secure hardware. Our wallet operational structures are similar to those applied by banks, ISP providers, and the governments of developed countries. The vast majority of Bc- nex's digital assets (98%) are stored in various cold wallets, completely separate from the Internet and immune to malicious attacks. The remaining balance is in the hot wallets that are enoupgh to cover daily withdrawal amounts of users.

Customer Oriented
Users will be provided with a user-friendly, proprietary platform that gives them the best trading experiences, both in our desktop and mobile App

Institutional-grade Trading Engine
The fast, accurate and low latency trading engine with flexible scalability can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second.

Technical solutions The BCOMS Order Miatching System The Bcnex Order Matching System (BCOMS) is a component that matches the buy and sell orders of the exchange. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with øreat precision. All buy/sell orders are stored in high-performance queues and the system is designed to ensure data integrity with no losses of orders. The BCOMS has low latency and flexible scalability, making it capable of handlling up to 2,000,000 trading orders per second. This makes Bcnex one of the fastest exchanges in the industry, thus eliminating common issues due to overloaded systems and clogged orders. A stable system built on microservices architecture Bcnex deploys microservices architecture to ensure scalability by adding physical servers when the system needs to handle a large amount of traffic and transactions. With a load balancing system placed on a robust infrastructure with the capacity to automatically mon- itor the system's condition, Bcnex maintains a stable service with uptime of up to 99.9%, Access speed is also one of the prerequisites we focus on to improve user experiences. Bcnex uses microservices architecture, which is divided into small services with separate databases. This allows us to easily make modifications and scale when needed without compromiising the whole system.


High Liquidity
With a rich and abundant source of liquidity, Bcnex ensures that every transaction on the system is executed without delays and multiple intermediaries.

Liquidity solutions The team behind Bcnex has ample experi- ence in everything from design to client sup- port all the way to customized liquidity managemernt and low latency trading archi- tecture in the forex trading industry. We have worked with, as well as operated, sev- eral trading platforms for business partners worldwide and have accumulated a large network of partners in the industry. These partners will be the key to the launch of the exchange and will lead to solid investment opportunities for users built on a well-es-tablished foundation of existing business in- terests and exchange model, seamlessly in- tegrating traditional financial services with proven blockchain platforms and the emerging digital economy.

Diverse Market
In addition to supporting a wide range of mainstream cryptocurrencies, we constantly expand our offering with other quality tokens

Proposedl featUures:Bcnex will deploy the platform in the following order:-Spot transactions;-Margin trading;-Future contract;-100% anonymous automatic order matching mechanism;-And many more features ... Subpported Coins/TokensBcnex will support transaction pairs with these major coins: BTCETHUSDTBCNX (released by Bcnex) Apart from using BCNX tokens to trade, buy, and sell other cryptocurrencies/tokens on Bcnex, traders can also use BCNX to cover transaction fees and receive incentives of up to 75%. We will also have a special support program for a fixed number of coin/tokens that we consider to have long-term potential. New coins and tokens will be added in the future after a careful review process to ensure consistency and quality. Only coins and tokens from projects with high reliability, large user bases, and strong liquidity will be accepted for review. In addition to cryptocurrency and tokens, Bcnex will support the trading, purchase and sale of several fiat currencies, sụch as USD, CHF, RMB, JPY, KRW, and VND with more to be added in the future.

24/7 Dedicated Support
Our team works around the clock to answer any questions you may have, resolving technical and business issues promptly.

Customer service solutions Along the development of the infrastructure of the exchange, Bcnex considers service quali- ty as its core value and competitive advantage in the emerging digital economy. At Bcnex one of our top priorities is a pleasant user experience. Realizing that the largest user experi- ence improvement to be made on current cryptocurrency exchanges is customer support, Bcnexs qualified team members are always willing and ready to solve any arising issues. Asthe number of users ørows in our community, so will the customer support team, seamlessly.

Bcnex is not only built on sound technology, it is also supported by a team with ample expe- rience in traditional financial services. Our goal is to create an intuitive and stable environ- ment for traders, offering a flawless user experience.

Ecosystem and benefits Bcnex is not merely a digital money trading platform, but also aims to play a bigger role. That is creating a complete ecosystem. Bcnex ecosystem is created with the vision of becoming an "innovative nursery for the blockchain technology platform". This is a perfectly suitable orientation in the context that Vietnam is trying to become a startup country and blockchain technology is gradually asserting its important role in industry 4.0. For start-up technology businesses, Bcnex's support will bring a tremendous meaning.Specifically, Bcnex ecosystem provides: trading platform: through Bcnex ecosystem, startups on Vietnam blockchain technology platform and even startups in the same field all over the world can exchange business values through token / coin, ... on Singapore trading platform, fully guarantee legal legality.

ICO platform: In addition, Bcnex also supports businesses to successfully call for investment capital through the form of selling or issuing ICO / STO from private sale stages, angel funding rounds, and other selling rounds. businesses want and can adjust themselves to best suit their business roadmap. Now businesses can use Bcnex's ICO Platform to implement fundraising.

Project Data Center: On the side of investors, Bcnex will play a transparent advisory role, providing sufficient information about projects that are fundraising and offering classification ratings based on The synthesis of many different criteria. From there, investors can combine more research information and personal judgment to make the most accurate investment decision.

The benefits that Bcnex ecosystem brings For the community:Investors can be assured and confident when joining Bcnex because this is an innovative product by a 100% Vietnamese founding team with the ambition of bringing the Vietnamese technology market to the world level. And also because Bcnex developers are Vietnamese, they can fully understand the thoughts and difficulties of domestic investors. Bcnex has overcome the weaknesses of foreign exchanges, building a user-friendly ecosystem.

Bcnex has a staff of 24/7 support staff and Vietnamese language support in addition to other languages.

Bcnex uses the highest security standard in managing electronic wallet.All technical problems are considered to be handled quickly.Information of projects that Bcnex supports always ensures a transparent and carefully selected element, providing only projects of positive value to society.

For businesses: Through the release of ICO on the Bcnex platform, blockchain technology startup businesses will be able to fully focus on project development without having to worry about the testing process as well as The cost of making capital calls is the same as when participating in other exchanges.

Opportunity to access a variety of investment sources not only locally but also abroad because is an international trading floor registered in Singapore.

The process of registering ICO on Bcnex is very streamlined, minimizing costs.

Especially with crypton blockchain research projects that will be directly reviewed and supported by Bcnex.

For the government:Through the Bcnex trading floor, the government can fully manage the capital raising issues of businesses as well as individual investment activities. Since then there are actual bases for tax calculation and tax collection through activities on the trading floor.

Because Bcnex is an international trading platform with many foreign investors participating, the government will receive more foreign currency sources that bring economic benefits.



50% for Token Sale

38% to Team Member and Advisors

5% to Angel Investors

5% to Reserve

2% to Bounty Program


40% for Platform Development

40% for Branding and Marketing

10% to Legal and Auditing

10% to Reserve fund





So we have just introduced to you Bcnex project; Also give out the highlights of the project for your reference. With a clear orientation and an experienced development team, I believe that the trading floor will be stable and developed, the token value is increasing.

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