888 Tron Gaming Platform on TRX Mainnet Aims to Revolutionize the Gaming Business

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888 Tron Gaming Platform on TRX Mainnet Aims to Revolutionize the Gaming Business


Tron became a sensation in the world of cryptocurrencies soon after they launched their main net back in May 2018. The platform seceded from Ethereum’s ERC20 standards offering its users a base platform to create gaming decentralized applications and other dApps. The platform is currently in seventh heaven as more and more developers select the TRON main net to launch their dApps.

888 Tron is one of the gaming dApps on the Tron main net offering its users with a revolutionary technology that has a new revenue model. The platform enables its users to play, mine and own part of the company through its native tokens while offering the public a new model to managing a business in the gaming industry.

Furthermore, the investors who own the 888 Tron security tokens will own part of the company and will be entitled to a dividend payment pro rata. The profits of the company will be distributed in a transparent and fair way and will be paid out using the TRX cryptocurrency.

The 888 Tron platform basically offers three key features to its users including a fair gaming platform with high winning probabilities, mining through placing bets and dividends to the token holders.

Mining On 888 Tron Platform
The total number of tokens on the 888 Tron platform has a maximum cap of 100,000,000 tokens, similar to Tron’s total tokens. The mining process is through betting that is placed in levels. Each level is time-based and a block is mined every 48 hours. Mining a single 888 Tron token requires a minimum bet of 700 TRX tokens in the first level and an increment of 10 TRX token in each level after that.

Users are however not limited on the number of tokens they can mine during the ‘level’ period.

The mining proceeds are shared with the development team, advisors and partners of the team too who take up 54% of every token mined. The distribution of the tokens once mining is complete is as follows: players (65%), the team (20%), ads (10%), and technical (5%).

Trustless Platform With High Winning Probability
The platform will be coded using highly powerful mathematical algorithms with a fair winning probability. However, the whitepaper overstates the winning percentage on one of the games, 52 dice, which has a 96.15% winning probability. However, the trustless nature of the blockchain the platform is built upon makes the games played fair without any centralized power overlooking the plays.

Dividends To 888 Tron Token Holders
Dividends are to be paid out to the platforms token holders at the end of each level of mining. The dividend distribution process begins once the mining level is complete. The payouts are made once every week on a pro rata basis. If you own 10% of the total 888 Tron tokens, and a total of 200,000 tokens have been mined in the level you will receive a dividend payment of 20,000 tokens.

The security token will start its exchange listing process once 30% of the total tokens have been mined on the platform.

Dividends payouts to 888 token holders.

Detail information you can fine at link below:
888Tron media resources

Website — https://888tron.com
Twitter — https://twitter.com/888Tron
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/888tron
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/888_tron
Telegram chat English — https://t.me/tron888
Telegram chat Chinese — https://t.me/tron888_ch
Telegram chat Russian — https://t.me/tron888_rus
Telegram chat Korean — https://t.me/tron888_kor
White Paper https://888tron.com/wp/888Tron_en.pdf
888Tron Bounty campaign manager — https://t.me/Gaskik

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