Databloc Protecting the World’s Data

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Databloc - Protecting the World’s Data

The amount of useful data is growing exponentially along with advances in artificial intelligence, social networking, machine learning, and the Internet of things. Surprisingly, less than 50% of the total data storage capacity is used. Providers of centralized data services use inefficient business models and do not have security. Fully decentralized models increase security, but since everyone can act as a service provider, users lack transparency about who stores their data, which creates significant difficulties in accepting. However, the allowed blockchain offers a logical solution of an average level in which users benefit from the security of the blockchain while maintaining transparency as to who stores their data.

The DataBloc platform is a web platform that seamlessly and securely connects service providers and enterprise customers. The DataBloc software, also known as StoneFusion, will be a 9th generation permission-based blockchain solution developed by StoneFly, a well-established data services company based in Silicon Valley. The software supports various data services and storage types, and offers enterprise-quality data optimization, availability, accessibility, security, and protection.

Service providers download StoneFusion and list their available services on the DataBloc web platform. Enterprise and public customers enter their storage needs and which data services they require. Customers then select accommodating providers from a curated list and purchase services directly on the web platform. DataBloc is the first solution where enterprise-quality service providers can download a software that allows them to sell excess data storage and services over the internet, without customer acquisition costs—all within a secure blockchain framework.

The DataBloc Solution
The Web Platform

The DataBloc network will be accessible through a web platform where qualified service providers list their data services. The service providers will range from data centers to enterprises with in-house data service facilities. The service providers will join the network to improve their product offering, grow their customer base, and decrease their customer acquisition costs. Enterprises will join the network to improve security and earn incremental passive revenue on their dormant data storage capacity.

Enterprise and retail customers purchase these data services on a subscriptionbased model. The web platform will allow customers to filter service providers by criteria including, but not limited to, cost, capacity, services, redundancy, and location. The web platform will then generate a list of qualified service providers. The customer will review the list, choose a service provider, and checkout.

The DataBloc Software

The DataBloc software, also known as StoneFusion, will be a 9th generation blockchain solution developed by StoneFly, a well established data services company based in Silicon Valley. StoneFly has invested approximately 40 million USD into this product and has more than 16 full-time software engineers working on development. The software supports various data services and storage types, and offers enterprise-quality data optimization, availability, accessibility, encryption, and security. DataBloc is transitioning StoneFusion to a permissioned blockchain based on Ethereum, which enables the use of a token that facilitates an efficient sharing economy. In contrast to the fully decentralized setting, users will know and trust the nodes they choose to purchase data services from.


As a utility token, Stone (ticker: STONE) will be a useful way to interact with the DataBloc platform. The STONE token can be defined to represent future access to a company’s product or service. The defining characteristic of STONE tokens is that they are not designed as investments. There is no guarantee or promise of a return on investment. The tokens represent a unit of account for the network. The bigger the network grows, the more utility in the token.

Royalty Bloc

Royalty Bloc (ticker: RBC) will earn a 10% royalty on the revenue generated by the DataBloc platform in perpetuity. Through smart contracts, RBC owners will earn STONE in real-time by receiving 10% of every payment. They will have the choice to either sell their STONE, use their STONE to buy data services on the web platform, or hold their STONE in a wallet. RBC should increase in value alongside the total revenue generated by the DataBloc platform. The RBC valuation should be determined by the projected future value of cash flows generated from the 10% share of platform revenue. By offering robust data solutions and a wide variety of data services to enterprises as well as the broader public, the RBC revenue stream is exposed to a diversified set of clients, all of whom have different risk tolerances throughout a market cycle. RBC will be sold as a security, not a utility, and will not be advertised nor sold to the public.

Token Sale
Pre-sale discount : Up to 40%

Acceptable currencies : BTC, ETH and Wire

Total supply : 333,333,333

Number of tokens for sale : 200,000,000

Price per token : 0.5 USD

Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 100,000,000 USD

Token sale format : First come first served basis

Use of Proceeds

Token Distribution


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