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Abstract What is Toqqn: The Toqqn platform is a small step towards a big mission to give users a privacy focused and ad-free social experience. As well, users are rewarded with crypto every day, through a new activity-based ecosystem. What’s unique about Toqqn is that, it doesn’t intend to store any user data, it doesn’t track you, nor does it follow you everywhere with ads. Why Toqqn: When every single major social platform misuses user data for evil purposes, the relevance of a platform that doesn’t store user data increases day by day. At the same time, we want to reach the masses with crypto, because we feel it is the payment system of the future. So instead of exploiting users who contribute to our social platform, we reward them with crypto. This gives anyone, from anywhere, the ability to participate in the crypto economy without any financial barrier to entry. Toqqn Platform Development: Toqqn is in development using the best of both conventional and web 3.0 technologies. Conventional systems are used to make Toqqn a user friendly platform. At the same time blockchain technology will be adopted to decentralize user data. We want to build a social media where no user data will be stored on our platform or servers. This is to prevent any kind of misuse or exploitation of people’s private data. Timeframe: Fundraising for the project’s development starts with a private sale on November 2018. Platform development is already in full-swing. We aim to launch the first version of our freelancers market place by the mid of next year and a have fully functional beta of the platform by the end of 2019. Toqqn’s freelancers marketplace will enable people to buy and sell digital services across the globe without any restrictions. This adds enormous value to the native cryptocurrency TQN as a utility (which would be the primary payment method.)

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