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Remittance which is otherwise known to be the best way of sending a specific amount of money for payment, technology has been attempting to change the procedures and methods into something that is simpler, less expensive, and quicker than it ever has been in some years back.
Like never before, it's has turned out to be critical to discover an answer for worldwide payment as more organizations and people need to more cash for their daily activities
All thanks to Blockchain technology which is a vital innovation set to totally improve the payment framework and conceivably eradicate all difficulties within the banking system.
The old payment system with the banks has been impeded, particularly on the grounds that they demand such a large number of steps and they are been affected with costs that are intended to stop fraudulent activities and transactions and this is why ZIPCOIN project has adopted the use of blockchain technology to introduce a new payment system that can help the growth of the companies and businesses globally.

ZIPCOIN has been designed in a decentralized way to improve the remittance and payment system which has been affected in so many ways. Its aims to enhance the business in the remit industries


ZIPCOIN has also adopted the use of EOS blockchain which is one of the best blockchain networks in crypto-industries, EOS blockchain is designed with high speed, secured, swift and reliable transaction system
ZIPCOIN through the use of blockchain technology also intends to improve the use experience by designing the platform with good user interface.

Africa has been a continent lagging behind in the adoption of blockchain technology which is why ZIPCOIN will focus more on africas market.
Other advantages of this platform is the introduction of good customer support to assist the members whenever the need arises

Blockchain technology has been adopted in the ZIPCOIN project so as to ensure there is no high exchange cost. Blockchain is set to bring down the exchange expenses of worldwide payment and transactions, including bank charges and some other extortion charges. Blockchain offers a direct payment process because of the evacuation of various strides in the payment procedure. Since there are less individuals and procedures required, there is nothing unpredictable about blockchain payment system. It pursues an essential and demonstrated exchange recipe that has worked for other kind of payment system and likewise for non-financial exchanges.

Considering the speed of transaction with blockchain technology is superb which is why ZIPCOIN project has adopted the technology to automate and likewsie increase the speed of transaction in its platform, the exchange of cash, is almost immediate. This implies there will be not any more five to seven business day delays in transactions. Blockchain gives the capacity to move cash because of current circumstances, and would then be able to accelerate profitability as far as what organizations and people can achieve with that additional time. In addition, that dimension of speed can be a distinct advantage with regards to income, helping organizations all things considered and people to have more prominent authority over their cash and costs.


While conventional settlement measures require an outsider that handles the approval of transactions in the traditional payment platform, ZIPCOIN eradicate this outsiders known as agents or third-party through the use of blockchain technology. This decentralized structure and procedures is one of the essential reasons the settlement procedure goes quicker and costs less.

ZIPCOIN Blockchain payment platform offers the best and secured security in the whole of crypto-currency industries which will make it difficult for hackers around the world to hack into the ZIPCOIN platform. Other safety efforts have been connected principally to the general advancement and development of blockchain and how it may be very well utilized.

Token Name => ZIPCO
Accepted Payment Method => BTC, ETH, EOS, USD
Token Type => EOS
Total Supply => 500,000,000 ZIPCO
Token Price => 1 EOS = 2,500 ZIPCO


30% Allocated to ICO
20% Allocated to Pre-Sale
30% Allocated to Bounty
5% Allocated to Seed Investors
4% Allocated to Private Round
3% Allocated to Founders & Leadership
3% Allocated to Development Teams
3% Allocated to Airdrop
2% Allocated to Incentives


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