🏒Contest - Maverick's 5/17 NHL Single Game Pick 'Em Lightning v Capitals (50% SBD Payout)🏒

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All contestants must upvote to play.

Contestants must post their picks based on who they think will cover, if the game goes over or under, and the total score in the comments.

The contest closes at 7:59pm est.

Entry Example: Bruins Over 5


Tampa Bay Lightning (+1.5) @ Washington Capitals (-1.5) (Over/Under 6.5)

To play, upvote this post and then comment with which team you think will cover the spread, if the game will go over or under, and what you think the total score will be.

The winner will be the contestant(s) with the correct spread, over/under pick, and closest total score.

50% of the contests liquid earnings with be split up amongst the winners with the correct guess.

Best of luck and enjoy the game those who choose to watch it. I'm expecting a great one!



Capitals over 8

Capitals over 11


Tampa Bay Lightning (+1.5)Under 6

Capitals under 5

Capitals Over 7

Tampa Bay OVER 7

Tampa Bay Under 5

wash under 5


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