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Hi guys, here are some names of players who are available in most yahoo fantasy leagues that you should consider adding. These players have either started to heat up, inserted into a line with other skill players, joined the top pp unit or have seen their ice time increasing consistently throughout the season. These are some of the factors I focus on when I want to predict future outcomes and make prospective additions to my roster from the free agents. Hope it helps you win your league!

Nick Leddy (55% owned) - I've always liked Leddy's game. He's always been an aggressive dman who is now heating up. He plays on the top pp unit in NY and anytime your on the ice with Tavares, you're bound to benefit from it. He's got 9 points in the last 7 games

Jesper Bratt (38% owned) - He's got 5 points in the last 5 games. He has played 15+ mins in all those games including 19 mins in his last game. He's skilled and a very smooth skater. The Devils are all in on the rebuild and will play him quite a bit. Pick him up if your looking for a skilled winger

Mathew Barzal (24% owned) - Talk about being on fire! 10 points in the last 5 games. Getting time as a top 6 forward and playing on the 2nd pp unit. The isles have all of a sudden had an outburst of goals and it would be smart to ride them while they're hot. Pick him up if you are looking for some offensive production.


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