The most blessed country in the world 🌍

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Nigeria is one of the best and blessed countries in the world 🌍, Nigeria has some record which we the people in it love it, one of it is the weather.
Snow ☃ : God bless us with rain ☔ cos he know who can't live under the snow without hearing news of people who died in the snow.

No Volcano 🌋 : This is another thing our Blessed country does not have.
images (14).jpeg
Hurricane 🌀 :it not found in Nigeria and has never happened for once.

Earthquake: never seen or heard of it in Nigeria.

See why I said it the blessed country in the world. Come to Nigeria to see the great weather we have here.

images (13).jpeg

Come to Nigeria to explore the great weather and tour the country has in store for you.

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