This is nigeria(steemit)

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Things happening on steemit, which is bad

This is Nigeria look how we are living now,see what we are eating now, everybody be criminal, this is Nigeria just because am on steemit now, steem cleaner without work is trying to check if my work is original.

This is Nigeria the price of SBD just dey fall like as if we are killing animals.

This is steemit where newbies has not gain anything, but whale that pack our sbd on steemit, they are never tired of packing ooo.


This steemit post and comment we do all the time, but at the end of the day we get no upvote.
We newbies are working multiple job, but the whales say we are lazy oooo.

This is steemit, there is plenty trouble ooo,
Steemcleaner still spoil post, carry newbies reputation still reduce it.

This is steemit in my blog @abayomi1, cheetah comments has tear all my post, and I act like it so cool.

Cheetah blacklist your blog, any explanations you will say it in the station.

It was happen everyday the system as allowed it.

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