The idea of sharing another person picture on social media: Good or Not. What's your take???

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I just remembered an old post and decided to share some experience and my take on uploaded someone else's picture on social media.

Sometime ago, in a bid to celebrate my sister, I used her family picture. I didn’t seek her consent before doing that and that stemmed from that fact that “she is my sister na’... she called me afterwards to put down the picture as she doesn’t like it.

I actually felt embarrassed for even doing that in the first place without her consent. She does post pictures of her family but she wasn’t cool with me getting this particular picture out. I respected that decision. It’s her pictures and she has her right to privacy.

This brings me to this subject of posting wedding pictures of couples before the people in question gets the chance to do so themselves.

If you ask me, I would say that couples who just wedded be allowed to post their wedding pictures themselves, if they so choose to.

I was guilty of this once , but now, it doesn’t appeal to me.

The idea of having someone’s wedding pictures all over social media when you are not the photographer trying to promote your brand and without due consideration of the couple’s interest is not so cool to me.

A lot of people are not down with the idea of having some of their life played out on social media.

And no, it’s not because of village people or anything. They just love their privacy that much.

Some folks contend that if you want a private life, you shouldn’t be on social media.

May I ask who made that rule?

If at all it’s a rule, should it be imposed on people? Should people be made to sleep and wake up on social media simply because it’s social media? Nah if you ask me.

Na me do wedding, allow me post my wedding picture myself that is if at all I want to.
Post your own face and let me post mine.
Is it ya face?
Is it your picture??
Abi is it your post???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

When I brought this up with a friend, I was told it can’t be helped. It’s a way people depict they are rejoicing with you and all which I totally have nothing against.

Some still contended that they are only helping the couple since they will be so busy to even make any post….

Ekusie oo. Helpers club international.👐👐👐

Let me not even go to the side of those that post someone else’s baby. No be you born pikin but you don first the owners of the child showcase the baby to the world.

Do you know if the parents are okay with that? If you must do such, ask at least.

There is nothing wrong with this act; I’m just saying that we should be a bit considerate of people’s privacy. Not just wedding and babies now, even individuals.

My very good friend doesn’t like her pictures on social media. She’s not like me that snap at every passing second...I’m a picture freak like that. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Another friend of mine almost got mad with me because I said I was going to put a picture she appeared in on Facebook. She doesn’t want it. I did strong head though but I know better now.

So, when next you are tempted to post that picture, take a pause and wait for the couple to do it first.

I know you want to post as e dey hot. But calm down for Jesus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Show us your fine face first.

If at the end of the day, the couple doesn’t get to post it, it will sha be in your archive.

Note: that it is social media doesn’t mean everything should be out for display.

I’m just saying.

I. am. Just. Saying.