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My favorite Nigerian writer now Chimamnda Nogize Adichie in one of her TED talks tittled Dangers of a single story. She pointed out how good it is to tell a balanced story.

Imagine if we tell the story of America starting from the Native red Indians, we will have a different America, or start the story of Africa before the invasion of the colonial masters, you will have a different Africa.

I will tell the story of Nigeria not just the Negative sides you hear on the tele but the positive side that are behind the scenes.

@stellablle once said in her post, that if you don't know what to write about, write about your people, your culture or even your shoe if it has something to be talked about. Just write from withing.

So i created this blog series to introduce Nigeria my country to you. why was it tittled it Behind the scenes ? is because, this blog post will be telling the story of Nigeria you don't normal hear on CNN or BBC. It will not be about the Nigeria that is ranked high in corruption, or about a Nigeria of Boko-haram or Chibok girls or Scamers, HIV and poverty. I will tell you the other side of the story, because, there is danger in a single story.

This blog will give Nigeria to you in its beauty and wholeness. Stay turned.
I promise to make you keep wanting for more.

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great one .looking waiting for the full story.adichie blended in culture i love her book.