iphone 8 Launched today, Lessons you can Learn from Apple and Become that Successful Here on Steemit.

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If you have been in Nigeria or lived here, then you will relate to what am about to say, i know its there in the U.S and Europe, but not much( i guess).
The craze most Nigerians have for iphone and anything apple is beyond just liking a product, its now a tool to measure one's status, to know your level of slay queen or big boy you are, even when most of them barely uses the expensive phone for other function other than to take pictures and always hold it in their hands with the back announcing to you that "yes is an iphone".

This makes me to wonder why then all the hype and craze over it when in two years at most another will come out, better and up to date.

The other day as i was headed to the market, i saw two guy braking the chassis of a Peugeot 504, truing it into scarab so that they call sell it to those that recycle metal.

Then it struck me, this was once a classic car, "only for the big men" but now it can't even be sold in good condition, it has to be converted into a scarab material. Same will happen to the top notch of now, will be abandoned tomorrow.

So what then makes apple so special that at every unavailing, people que up to have one some even go to some crazy extent to have one. I read of a boy who sold one of his kidney to acquire an iphone 4 when it came out, of a girl here in Nigeria that blackmailed her boyfriend just to get money to buy apple iphone 6.
Whats so special ? if there is i think we all should learn that and apply to our lives and business.

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Before i used an phone, i really didn't fancy it, but when i listen to an audio biography of Steve Jobs, i wanted to use an iphone more than any other phone i was using then and i did.
So here are some qualities that apple purses that gives their brand success. (my view)

Personify your Brand.

When you use an apple phone or any other product from apple, there is this connection that it brings, you would want to relate to it simply because of its efficiency and design. Make you product your, make it announce your presence and concepts to the end user.

Your brand have to have a philosophy behind it. For instance, check all the successful brands, there is an ideology behind their product and thats what they sell to their costumes. Mercedes Benz=Classic, Volvo= safety, Apple=simplicity etc.
Personify your brand. I have a friend Clif, a medical student who named his Macintosh "Frank" and won't let go of it even when it was broken.

Sell your cencept through your product.

Be your own first costurmer.

In his biography, Jobs recounted how engineers at apple went over their product over and over again just because some features didn't feel right with him ( RIP Steve). You have to be able to enjoy your self with your work before you entrust it to another person.

As am drawing this anologies, it must to be used by inventors only, you can apply it to your daily life even here on steemit, a success tip is a success tip any where.

So if your write up dose not tickle your fancy...why should interest others.

For anything that you create, you have to be the first to want it.

Have a Team that will key into the Plan

When the first Mac was created, the team worked tirelessly with Steve to archive the goal, same thing when he wanted to redesign smart phone and make it all screan touch. It takes a commited team to archieve such mail stone and successed even where others deemed it impossible(like making the first screen touch phone).

The best way to motivate a team is to make them part of the bigger picture, just like Steve did when the first Mac was lunched, all the people that worked on it had their signature on it. Give them a sense of belonging and the will give you their best.

This is exactly what @ned did with steemit, we all are mining with our minds and as such becoming share holders of the community at the comfort of our homes or offices. This is why steem has passed bitcoin and even ethirum in exchange, give your team a sense of belonging, and they will give you all they got.

Finally, Build your brand around one product than making a variety.

Variety they say is the spice of life but some times, what you need is just one spice for life. Jobs understood this and build his products on one piece at a time. iphone was iphone, and is still iphone and will still be. Apple do not create if they didn't see the need to.

Don't just create because you have to resources to, create because you have to. You must not write posts every two hours just because you are handy, do so because you have something to pass across.

Apple didn't produce other versions of ipod, ipad or iphones, because they wanted to give the customers a brand, an idea of what they want and not to confuse them. Thats why in apple seals stores, the employees have the best knowledge for the products because they are centered in one.

Steve changed the usual "how can we help you?" welcome tone to "what do you what to do today?" giving you an opportunity to explore.

Your readers should know what to expect from you.


Thanks for reading.

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