Turn off The logic Man in Your Brain and Improve your Blog.

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Life would be very dull if you were capable only of logical and critical thinking. Fortunately, you also have the capacity to experience emotions, call up memories, imagine new forms and create new ideas. This creative part of your mind can be of help when you are facing a new situation like writting on steemit; bunch of people of different backgrounds and understanding, divase topics and many many post aside from yours

Also, this part of your brian is incharge for your playfulness in your dream, yet it is often ignored when awake. Your creative thought process the-artistic side, which has much to offer especially when you are involved in an activity that requires your imaginative skill and originality.(like steemit)

With all our 21th technology, you would think that someone would have come up with a surefire way to help writers find ideas quickly and with littel trouble, maybe a programe with hundreds of ready-made sentences just waiting for you to put them together.
Actually, you already possess the best computer program available to help you with good ieads for writting; All you need is some background information about its operating system and know about how to access it. The program? Your mind. Lets have a look.

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Your better Half

Has it occurred to you before now that you experience two disttinct kind of thought? "sure," you say, "positive and nagetive." Even as you read this post , you may have taken a moment to look out the window at the cars passing or recalling a similar post like this you have read before now or remembered the pleasure of your term winning the game over the weekend. But you caught your self daydreaming, and you just shook your head and gets back to reading. You think of this mental wondering as unproductive, but in fact this process allows your brian a chance to arrange and bring to the surface the ideas, images and emotions that are essential to any creative activity including writing.

In our daily life, we make more use of the "thinking/logical" brain than the "playful/artistic brain" thus, this logical brian acts like a top dog over your thinking and becomes a critic everytime you want to engae in any form of creativity. I bet you have found your self in situations where you sat in front of your P.C, the cusor patiently blincking and waiting for you to start typing but you can't just settel for on idea among the many that is going through your head. Thats your logical brain. It censors everything, seeks for perfection always and by so doing, delays or even drives cretivity away

Why do we always get ideas when we think less of them or not think of them at all. You often hear people say that they thought and thought about something for hours even days and could not come up with something and as they are in the restroom or bartroom, an idea poops up as if there is magical energy in those two rooms, no, there is not. It happen like that because thats when Mr. critic brain is not much active.

Those time we withness the light bulb expirence, our creative mind is at work.
Why is the creative mind not much stresful and logical? When the logical mind thinks, it "cuts" of so many things that it thinks are bumb thereby limiting the circle but when the creative mind is on, it does not discriminate, every idea is good and nothing is trash and by so doing, you have many to now select from.


Another way to be creative is to free write. When you lack of ideas, pick up your pen and peper or P.C as the case maybe and select the topice you want to write on, and write. What ever that comes to your mind at the moment, note that at this moment, the crictic brian will be detecting errors and dumb ideas and word you have written but tell it to short the fouck up and continue to have fun with your creative mind, before long, you will find out thet you are now narrowing your writting to a direction.

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You can also use cluster format. For instance, if you want to write about crypto, and you are stuck with the topic alone. You can write out the topic and circle it, then you write other things that relate to crypto like [crypt]-digital currency-computer-money-decentralised-bitcoin-steem etc. Before you will be through with pointing out all the words you can use in your article, you will find out that you already have ideas waiting to be assembled into a readable article.

In conclution, not that we don't need the logical half of the brian, we do but in order to unlock our true potentials, we need to allow a fair play, adopt the "whats the wost that could happen attitude" and consider all ideas, and you won't need to use the john just to get an idea.

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very nice post :)

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Nice tips, thanks! :-)

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