We don't need Churches or Mosques. We need Humans with hearts for Humanity.

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When I give a piece of advice or help the less privileged, I'm often asked, "Which Church do you attend?"
When I make new friends or business partners, I'm still asked, "Are you a Christian or Muslim?"
But a bombblast doesn't strike with such Labels. A bad economy and a poverty stricken society doesn't select its victims.
The death traps from bad roads and poor infrastructure affect all citizens and during a natural disaster, the hands that reach out for help doesn't ask "Are you a Christian or a Muslim?"
A hungry child cares less about your religion.
The heartbroken does not select words of encouragement. The abused only care about their freedom and justice, and not your religion.
As much as we feel the need to flaunt or even intimidate others with the tenets of our faiths, our greatest needs on earth are met by humans...and so are the pains we bear.
Love doesn't come with labels.
No matter what form it takes, love's a beautiful thing and can only create a beautiful world for everyone to live in.
Yet, to make merchandise of the masses, a religious confirmation comes first before we're truly loved by fellow humans.
Think for a moment:
What if the 3rd and 4th Century Church Councils discovered how to control oxygen and give it to whosoever they pleased? What if the Arabian Billionaires were able to purchase all the Oxygen in the world? We'd all be doomed!
In fact, many of us won't be alive today as we just won't be able to afford it and are unqualified to receive them since we must first BE CONVERTED to be BLESSED!
We don't need Labels.
We don't need Churches or Mosques.
We need Humans with hearts for Humanity.
Spend less time convincing Nnanna to Love your God or be converted more than I have to love you with whom I see, talk and dine daily.
Enough said.
Someday, it'll all be clearer.
Someday, the chains will fall off and we'll find the freedom we need to live as humans, blessed beyond imagination and empowered to walk the face of the earth as custodians of God's greatest mystery of life and service, both to God and His creations.

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