Seriously dude u wrote all these urself? This is the second time I took time to digest properly from start to finish.

The most basic part of sex, which is actual penetration, and maintaining it, was herculean. She was nice enough to help me, and I was done in seconds I was done

I was going to get food, but I suddenly became so full, and even wanted to poop so badly. Sweat pangs grew, as I was shivering at the same time.

Those two parts cracked the hell outta my ribs. Nice write up mahn

You just have to make it bold don't ya? 😀

Hahahaha...he didn't want to joke with anything.

Kikikikiki..... Ayam innocent o!

I am suspecting this Kingzy dude.

Got my attention on this......nice pose kid

Thanks ma'am, our heartbitcoin.

Another interesting piece. Nice one @hay-bam

Glad you enjoyed it.

I love your style, guy. Keep it up

Thanks boss

Nice writing style. I'll say you've greatly improved. Well done.

Always a delight. The story keeps getting I understand though.

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