Little out of all.....

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All i can write about now is to thank my God

When counting your blessings, be sure to give thanks for what God has done for you...and for who He is.

God had been there from the begining of my life the author and designer of my life..
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I am bless with everything i need and working hard to have all i want, most of all is giving tnks to my God for given me healthy life and to thank him for what i have

My alpha and omega, my joy my hapiness my lord n my love.. When their is life their is hope in you i put my trust.

The whole page here cant contain your love in written...

You are the truth the light ...i love my God

If u love God praise ye tha Lord.


The tribulations and concerns of this world most times makes it seem as if we have gotten nothing from God but when u take a retrospective assessment of our life, we would know that indeed, God has been faithful.

God is God!
God is Love!
God is Life!

Nice piece @heartbitcoin

God, as Truth, has been for me a treasure beyond price. May He be so to every one of us.

- Mahatma Gandhi

God is everything to me; it has been all about Him in my life. Despite my shortcomings, He has remained faithful. I don't know how He does it, but no day passes without me seeing Him at the centre of all my affairs. This is the reason for which I will never cease to take great pleasure in giving Him His food: worship and praise!

That's whole lot of man, praising, worshipping and doing the will of God.