OBESITY IN WOMEN.....do we have to go through all these task to be sexy as ever?

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I always wish i could have my body back the way it was some years ago . I do admire some body even after child birth not all but i do to some. I do admire to look like some African beauty i see around and some celebrities e.g Beyonce, Kim kadashian body after child birth but the fact remain CAN I DO WHAT THEY DO TO KEEP FIT....??
Money run errands for ppeople like this yea..they dnt have to do all by thereselves keeping fit is a major task for them. they do alot of walkout eat healthy have a trainner have a nutritionist have all it takes keeping shape and keeping the beauty requires lots of hardwork
Having a family is alot of task and it is proven that LACK OF SLEEPS MAKES ONE ADD WEIGHT...body metabolism wnt have enough time to process food so it stores in body as FAT
Stresss in my country( Nigerian) don't give women time to keep to shape.. is it waking up 3 hours earlier than the households to keep food on the table organizing children cloth and all? the only successful but not healthy way most of us keep to shape is by abstinence from food which is not healthy. If u are not fasting and praying just abstinence from food then we are not doing our body our soul a good thing but, this is the only way to look slimmer and hungry.
Have u ever woken up and look up urself? holding your stomach and asking yourself what is this God?
Excercising is cool very cool but do i have the task to do much? Exercising without a good rest at night at all day isn't good for the heart ..Stress and exercise can cut ones life short a cardiac arrest while running around to keep fit.
what is the point after all this stress of life one still give it a second taught to get on some exercise to loose lot fat and what becomes one's stomach is alarming, wat will make one unhappy for the rest of ones life if one dont get surgery done?
Having excess flesh shrinked wrinkled because the fat has left and no where for the excess to get to stay next option is surgery cutting off the extras
You know what i just wanna have a peaceful life when am happy and stress less exercising will be fun.
I do not wish this body i am in right now but i may faint if i stress it more... i am a mother and i have become this because of them. this is enough to be happy PEACE!

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Great post m'am. Keep steeming on.

the steem is on .tnks

All I can say is that "the hustle is real". Nice outpouring as usual ma'am.

You don't have to undermine yourself and the weight you've put on due to motherhood or a stressful life... Yes, physical fitness is necessary and a good thing to keep yourself healthy, but is that the only factor that defines you as a person? I don't think so. You need to tell yourself that you've made a number of sacrifices already, and this is just one of them. Life always rewards us in one way or another for all the sacrifices we make - for our loved ones, family, friends, etc. You should be a proud mother for excelling in the role of parenthood everyday.

As far as physical fitness is concerned, you just need to take some time out and that is it. Try to start with those light exercises that you can easily do at home. Look for some clips on YouTube, you'll find plenty of stuff over there. Then try with brisk walk, jog after a while.. Try to download those apps that help you to keep a track of your exercise and how you can take that graph in an upward direction gradually. Then you can even start with regular cardio and all.

So yes, it isn't over yet.. Tell yourself this. Whatever you've done so far was amazing, whatever you missed on was part of the script - and whatever there is you can still do depends entirely on you. Period!

tnk u so much @zaidi ...ill do the ones i can do, staying happy is the key .i appreciate yr feed back tnks so much

My pleasure. And yes, staying happy is always the key indeed! :)

You don't have to work out hard to stay in shape - you are free to be obese and don't work out, but you are also free to continue the pursue for your dream body - and I can say from experience, that is one very interesting adventure :)

Can u share with me ..not easy here in my part of country..ill so much appreciate if u could share with me .tnk u for stoping by

Good read I dont have all the stress of having kids but do get alot from work like you @heartbitcoin and it makes it very difficult to keep fit while for many celebs its their job to look their best, hopefully we can work on this one day.

it always difficult doing so many and still wish to walk out like others u see..i just hope i can really do this with fun [email protected] lagos Nigeria stress if not number one will be second most stressful place to be ..lol tnks for stoping by

It is not easy for women to keep shape after giving birth. But one has to by putting in consideration what one eats.

Stress makes one eat unnessarily. It wasnt so from the begininig.circumstances brought up d stress of life. N a man will keep complaining why is yr tummy big u are gaining weight this that. U are cute n sexy before marraige wat becomes of one is what one is facing ..not every but it has a larger %.

Yesoooo something caused it. For the married, mothers, they are excusable. But young ladies who eat everything they see thinking that they are enjoying should take caution.