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Finding hapiness is a must for me..really depression isnt good for anyone. kills one in n out...
Today i try to put on my tariners to get on som exercise ..feels nice with music,headset on my head listening to some cool musics Wow! Depression must get out of my body n soul 20170830_111310.jpg.
I feel so light and gonna be visiting for some aerobics every morning to have some real good sleep after all..A settled mind is a happy goonna keep updating u on my road to hapiness and in between gives some real gist about it all...
To my muslim brothers and sisters ON Steemit..'Barka de Sallah'..share some pictures
One love


Keep it up. It is good for your health.

U doing good ma'am keep it up

Wow great !!! I love that, happiness is temprary while Joy is permanent,
U will not only encounter happiness BUT you shall encounter Joy in Fullness.
Keep it up my DEAREST💘💛💟👍👊

Ooh Eli tnk u

Good steps to let go depression...

Hearty heart. Seems like you went to pose for a picture than to actually exercise. Lolz
Not a break of sweat.....hmmm, i'm watching you o!

I will take myself that far to pose for a pix..huh? Not easy running n taking pix u know got to do one at a time...the pix was took few minute before real deal i need concentration

Haha why ur giving him so much specification.. Lol

Dnt mind him ..hes naughty

Eid Mubarak, dear @heartbitcoin. Happy Eid-el- Adha!!! Keep taking those steps to come out of depression. It's never a good place to be. I'm not Muslim, but I love people of all religions. Barka de Sallah!!!