You are greater than what you think you are.......

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Have you ever felt that you are just too little for your dreams to come true or have you felt so left out by your friends or age group. Look you have to snap out of such a mentality for now can be the cause of your failure but you.

Life is the same experience you have when writing an examination you don't expect to write something reasonable when you did not prepere your self for that exam. It's only does who are ready for the exams that end up passing. Only those who are ready for life end up living it to the fullest.

The question is not "Can I do it?" But "would I do it" That what makes you quite different from those that are creative, rich, idealist and not you. The human mind is limitless and think in various direction so wt do you use your mind for, playing games or talking with friends about others that are moving forward in life?

YOU ARE GREATER THAN WHAT YOU THINK YOU only if you decide to be.

Wake up every morning believing that it's a new day and a new start filled with possibility for you to become a great achiever in life. Take each opportunity as though they were your last and put in your very best for only then will you have the best result you need.

Never give in to weekness for that is the starting point to failure and that's were bad things start all over again. So tell me are you will to put your best in what you doing or simple just reading it to see if it ends the way you want it to be? Well the choice is up to you, believe me when I said that.

Everything in life takes time, so you don't run a lot faster than your shadow. You should take your time and let things work out for you, but remember always do the right things at the right time


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