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Hi everyone,
Am Tobi Makinde by name, i really most say a big thanks to those who are in charge of this platform, for giving us this opportunity to share with the world how we feel and to share ideas with one another. Temi Bj 20170813_201252.jpg.

To my little understanding from what have read I believe steemit is an opportunity for everyone to become an investor in crypto currency and i mean in steem. Even though am new here and i may not know my left from my right I am willing to give steem a chance, reason because I believe in the future of steem and it's the very first online currency i was intruduced to by my friend Deji who is also a member here ànd a funny Nigerian.

I only wish that I will be given the time audence to be heard in this community.

I'm new and ready to invest, how about you?


Bomb!!! Нello queen))

Thanks so muxh kisses and if am the queen who's the lucky king?

Welcome to Steem @maksola I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Thanks i will try to know how to convert liquid cash to steem. Can you share with me on how you did it?

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hi! i am new too, follow me and i will follow you! :)

Are you following me ?

Both you and @maksola I saw you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a story post to make it simply to do. https://steemit.com/steemit/@isteemithard/how-to-upload-a-profile-picture-and-or-cover-image-to-your-steemit-account

Hello! I saw that you have been on here for some time so I thought I'd send my late regards. Take this upvote and rock on!
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Welcome to Steemit! If you have questions - ask me @dobroman

Ok i will do.. Thanks

welcome friend on steemit if you want to earn more se my intro post
which i post today and see how i explan my self and how much i earn on it
its really helpfull for you my friend if you learn something so help other
in this way i am happy is not about money its about your inner good person .

Welcome to steemit! Im sure you'll enjoy this awesome community. I know when I was new at the beginning of this month I had a hard time getting followers and upvotes. If you are interested in gaining followers and upvotes way faster check out this link below. Good luck and have fun on steemit! :) https://steemfollower.com/?r=2439

Best of luck to you, welcome.

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you are welcome to steemit , wish you the best moments in here :)

Thanks so much!!! O.M.G ahhhhhh!!!
Thanks so mush Mr. David.
Hello pls this guy has the sweetest voice on this community try and check ot his music pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on his blog.

it's your kindness , we are all good in here , and you will experience a great time in steemit , I am glad to meet you.

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