A Moonlit night

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downloadfile-7.jpg A moonlit night is really pleasing. It gives a nice view. The moon shines in the cloudless sky with all her gleams. She looks like a glossy dish of silver. The sparkling stars twinkle around the moon and make her more beautiful. the sky looks like a canopy beautified with the shining moon and glittering stars. The moon washes the whole world with her silvery light. moon+lit+night.jpg Everything appears to be coated with silver Rivers canals and pond seem to smile in the splendid moon beam. The trees and creepers look bright and sparkling. A moonlit night in the rural areas really offers a beautiful sight. Dazzling light removes the gloom of the night. It offers a sight that cheers the mind and leaves a deep impression on it. our-hammock-on-a-moonlit.jpg


Photos u have shared are really looks good

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The moonlight night post of Purnima was very nice. Thank you very much for this beautiful post. Seeing this post we learned a lot about the night. We were very happy to tell you more about beauty.

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Thank you for your post on the Sundarbans and I thank you very much

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Your post really has been pretty much really like to spend time alone in the full moon

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Of course, the moon actually looks very beautiful. When sitting outside at night alone, it feels very good to see the moon alone.

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