Chary, the new charity token, is beeing created - sell your old NOBEL now

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Hello Steemians,

together with the Steem-Engine guys we are going to convert the Nobel tribe on Steem into a Chary tribe on Hive.

This means the following for you:

  1. If you have liquid Nobel, sell them now. I am going to by them for a last time. The cheaper your buying order is, the higher is the probability, that you get some money for it.
  2. If you have staked NOBEL, I will send you an airdrop for staked CHARY, as soon, as the system is up.

The Nobel system will not be supported after my last buying request (sometime in the next weeks, but not before 20.April.)

Chary will be the new charity system on the Hive Engine.
I am going to support it as well, as I did with Nobel.
You can earn CHARY by writing good posts about proving your charity efforts. After that you can stake CHARY (for getting influence) or sell it (for getting paid).

Nobel becomes Chary


Special thanks to @eonwarped for supporting me.

Achim Mertens


I’m glad to hear of your migration and success in accomplishing the Nobel Chary switheroo.
@eonwarped is a good dude

🙏 God bless you super philanthropist ♥

great information my mentor
God bless your hands always