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One thing is certain that at last, there will be unity in steem and we'll all forge ahead to grow our beautiful decentralized blockchain. I am sure that soonest, Justin Sun would get to understand the Steem witnesses and we'll all move this blockchain forward especially with the Tron collaboration.

While we look forward to the end of this FUD, I didn't forget to keep making my investments in the Steem-engine tokens. Among the tokens I hodl, NOBEL is one which has a great potential to shape the world and encourage innovation.

Charity is one way to capture the interest of the public to a particular product especially now that people love free stuffs. I am seeing a new and more organic way of promoting Steem by using part of our rewards for off-chain activities to better humanity and the environment.

Few days ago, I placed an order for the purchase of 500 NOBEL tokens and I hope the transaction would be concluded soonest especially now that many are losing faith in steem and related tokens and are making efforts to dump them.,

My intentions is to hodl as much as 100,000 NOBEL tokens which would be used to fund my several research based and charity projects. Moreover, I see myself beginning to host contrsts and giving out NOBEL tokens as prices.

Here is my first post on the nobel.charity platform.

Many thanks to @Achimmertens for thinking this project and setting it to roll on the Steem blockchain and still keeping it growing despite the lows in steem and the plague surrounding some steem-engine tokens. I see a resolute force to make the world a better place by minds likened to Achimmertens'.

The purpose of the NOBEL-token is to honour the people that Alfred Nobel would appreciate. People, that do good things to other people, should be rewarded with this coin. The NOBEL is an high effective charity distribution tool, where the donators either support their favorite beneficence helpers directly or leave it up to the community to care about, that the money goes to the right places. The beneficence helpers do “Proof of Charity” by writing blogs about their work. STEEM (the base of NOBEL) is a great blockchain platform with a big and good minded community, that creates value by connecting the right people. No NGO or middleman is needed.

Reiterating my interest in the

My engagement with the Nobel community and investment in NOBEL tokens is geared towards supporting my push to make families Smile. I have been on Steem blockchain for close to two (2) years and saw how wonderful this blockchain has been. This prompted me to engage every strategy within my capacity to promote Steem and I've successfully onboarded over a 100 persons and organisations to this blockchain.

  • Education: Books, pens, uniforms to pupils and students;
  • Skill Acquisition for youths;
  • Sports facilities and wears for emerging Sport Teams/Schools;
  • Consumables and Instruments to Medical and Health Centres;
  • The above will be the focus, other areas may be enlisted later. Let's keep curating humanity and share love to families.

I see a future where huge world-scaled projects and nobel laurets would be linked to NOBEL tokens and this would help to truncate relate corruption.

Truly, we can make the world a Better Place!

Here is my Proof of order for the purchase of NOBEL tokens.


Hi Uyobong,
thank you very much for this post and your trust in nobel and me!
Yes, we can make this world a little bit better if we want.


Thanks for being different and unique. You're inspiring many here already. God bless you.

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