ECS Seeds & RPCs Report | May 11, 2021

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Welcome to the daily RPC and Seed nodes availability report of the Ecosynthesizer project. The tables below are generated by publicly available APIs that can be found on Ecosynthesizer.


The reports were originally intended for informational purposes, in addition to generating minimal rewards to reward our curators. But due to the abuse of negative votes from @bullionstackers and the general indifference to this issue, we have decided to increase the reports interval and self-upvote to attract and drain the DV, so that others do not have to submit the injustice. Thank you.

Seed Nodes List:

Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msHong Kong
Steemit, msUnited States msGermany msUnited States msUnited States msSouth Korea
Maiyude5.189.136.20:20011 msGermany msGermany msGermany msGermany
Steem Supporter85.206.162.97:200136 msLithuania
xpilar85.206.162.100:200135 msLithuania msFinland msGermany
Steem Supporter msGermany

RPC Nodes List:

Steemit, Inc.https://api.steemit.com485 msUnited States11/14
Justyyhttps://api.justyy.com39 msGermany11/14
Akawa.inkhttps://steem.61bts.com1009 msUnited States11/14
Justyyhttps://steem.justyy.workers.dev165 msCanada10/14
Maiyudehttps://cn.steems.top184 msGermany11/14
Whereinhttps://aksaiapi.wherein.mobiUnreachedHong Kong0/14
Steemit, Inc.https://api.steemitdev.com464 msUnited States11/14
Ericethttps://api.steem.buzz239 msUnited States11/14
Akawa.inkhttps://api.steem.fans856 msUnited States11/14
Steemzzang.comhttps://api.steemzzang.com1495 msUnited States9/14
Justyyhttps://api.steemyy.com463 msUnited States11/14
Justyy msN/A11/14
Symbiontshttps://steem.ecosynthesizer.com112 msGermany8/14
Justyy msN/A11/14
Symbiontshttps://steem.symbionts.io91 msGermany8/14
Steem Supporterhttps://steem.steemdb.online1488 msIndia11/14
Steem Supporterhttps://api.steemdb.online309 msGermany11/14

The APIs and Reports are brought to you by the Symbionts team

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