I have the noise cancelling earbuds from nokia.

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I have the noise cancelling earbuds from nokia so these are the most expensive earbuds they currently sell i believe and they're positioned right above the power earbuds light


and the light earbuds you might also find them under the label bh8o5 and just so you know where they stand these are the bh405s and these are the bh-205s so this piece of paper tells

you where the touch area is and as you can see it's on the side of the stem you get a quick start guide which tells you how to pair them and all the basic features and what you need to take care

of you get a usb-a to usb-c charging cable and you get two additional bud sizes so you have the large size and the small size on top of the medium size which comes pre-applied to the bots

themselves as for the case itself it actually feels quite nice in the hand so it's made out of a matte plastic finish but it has a very slight almost strawberry texture to it the case

itself is quite tall compared to the power earbuds light and on the front you get the nokia logo and right under it is the standard led lights that tell you how much charge there is still left

in the case the bottom of the case features a usbc charging port and a reset button which you can press for five seconds in order to reset the buds themselves and the connection the back

and top of the case are pretty plain and here they are let's pull them out there is an led light right in the center of the bods that lets you know whether they're ready to pair or they're out

of charge and the buds themselves have a stem-like design i like that they're made out of a matte finish which feels quite nice in the hand and doesn't gather as many fingerprints as a glossy

finish and there is a small indent in the body that lets you know where the touch controls are other than that it's a pretty standard stem design

and you can get the buds and the case in either this charcoal color which is black or a deep c color which is the same blue that you find on the light earbuds and here's how the buds look

compared to the light earbuds and here's how they look compared to the power earpods light which have a glossy finish to them as the name implies the key feature here is the active noise

n so they can modulate the noise in an environment of up to 25 decibels and the earbuds also feature an ambient mode so you can disable noise cancellation in order to listen to the environment a bit better and that can be activated

by pressing on the touch controls for two seconds as for the audio quality nokia's promising studio grade quality thanks to using 13 millimeter audio drivers now that's definitely larger

than what you'd usually find on these earbuds so i do expect good sound quality out of these as for battery life each bot has about 40 milliamps of battery capacity and the case itself

has 400 milliamps of battery capacity so you'll be able to get about five hours of battery life out of these and if you continuously charge them with the case which you can do for four times

that totals about 25 hours of playback time and naturally the noise cancellation definitely has a toll on battery life but overall 25 hours of playback time is not bad other than that.

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