The touch controls gives you the ability to play or pause music.

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The touch controls gives you the ability to play or pause music skip or rewind tracks call the google assistant answer phone calls cancel phone calls


and increase or decrease the volume as you'd expect as for elements protection the buds themselves are rated at ipx5 water resistance

and this means that you can take them to the gym or use them while you're jogging or you're out in the rain just make sure you don't fully submerge

them in water and make sure to keep the case dry and the stem design should definitely help with phone calls since the microphones are located at the bottom of the stem itself which

is the closest point to your mouth as for connectivity they have bluetooth 5.0 and the price of these is around 99 euros or around 120 us dollars if i'm gonna be nitpicky i'll just say

that i don't like the fact that when you remove the butts from the case the case doesn't sit on its own as you can see so what are my impressions on the sound quality and are they comfortable

in the ears and how's the call quality like let's find out starting with the sound quality i would definitely put them ahead of the power earbuds

light but not really by much the sound is crisp and clear even at max volume but it's not very bassy the sound tuning is very neutral so it won't offend

anybody which also makes it work for a lot of people loudness is also acceptable in terms of fit the buds fit comfortably in my ears and are also secure enough that i'm not too worried

about taking them for a jog or to the gym and even after a few hours of using them they remain comfortable which is a good sign if you're one of those people

that likes to sleep with noise cancelling earbuds on these would work really well as for noise cancellation it actually works quite well they are

advertised as blocking up to 25 decibels of noise and that sounds about accurate if you don't want anc though you can always use standard mode or even ambient

mode which enhances the surrounding sound not by much but the improvement is noticeable i've also tested the bots for call quality and the other party said

i sounded very crisp and clear and i could also hear them quite clearly which means that the microphones are definitely doing their job my only

notable gripe so far is the touch controls which are a bit finicky the long presses work fine but the taps need time to get used to overall i would

say i'm happy with them they are definitely on the expensive side and for people looking for something premium and if you make a lot of phone calls

you'll also really like them but if you don't care about noise cancellation you might just want to consider the power earbuds light they might not sound

as good but they are also about 40 cheaper i would have loved to see a dedicated app for them though for a bit more control for people who like to fine-tune sound to their own liking

and that's sadly missing and this is why if you're an audiophile and you really care about the sound quality you might find something a bit better for you elsewhere anyways that's it from me.

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