I'm also almost finished with squid game thanks to watching it on the t20.

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I'm also almost finished with squid game thanks to watching it on the t20 especially when i eat i've also started using it as a teleprompter for my daily life as for now.


and sometimes when i want to make stupid investment decisions i use the etoro app and check on the cardanographs to make sure that i'm definitely losing money it's even going down right now

i'm also heavily relying on the t20 when i want to learn something new on coursera or skillshare and if you work at skillshare and you want to sponsor someone call me and finally i love connecting my xbox controller

to the t20 and utilizing xcloud or even streaming directly from the console so i end up spending a lot of time playing my xbox library games on this tablet i'm just so glad that we've reached

a point where i can actually play my xbox anywhere i want now before i tell you if this tablet will work for you or not here are a couple of important notes that you need to be aware of on the 32 gigs model

you only get 20.53 gigabytes of available storage so you will definitely want to get an sd card for it if this is the version you want to go for and the second note is that while the t20

is advertised as supporting fast charging this tablet is definitely best suited for charging overnight even at 15 watts of charging it will really take you ages to fully charge this thing

let alone depending on the 10 watts break in the box so who is the t24 it's perfect for people who consume a lot of media on the tablet like youtube netflix

etc it works really well if you want to use it for work and for video calls zoom teams and for research purposes it's perfectly suited for educational

purposes and for children it's great if you're looking for a tablet that can last you ages on a single charge and you spend a lot of times away from a charger

and it works okay for casual gamers who is this tablet not for this isn't really a content creation tablet so if your workflow involves video processing handling large files such as editing

large images or you have lofty multitasking needs then maybe you should look at something else this tablet also won't be suitable for you if you rely heavily on a stylus or if you want

to take notes on the go as a stylus would work exactly like how your finger would on the screen this is definitely not a tablet aimed at serious gamers

so if you want the tablet to game on at very high graphical settings or spend a lot of time playing graphical intensive games you should look elsewhere

and finally if you're a shutterbug and for some reason you want to use a tablet for that yeah it won't work really well for that either these cameras

are not designed to capture high quality images and it really shows in conclusion i really think this is a solid first step for nokia mobile into the tablet market most of the design

and hardware choices here are very practical and the battery life is absolutely fantastic and yeah it's not exactly the most flashy or feature packed tablet out there

but for its price range it's a really good product i would still recommend the 4 gigs of ram version with 64 gigs of built-in storage for most consumers

if you have kids or you want to utilize the t20 outdoors the rugged case is a very nice option to have anyways that's it for me.

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