Let's talk about performance of Nokia T20.

in #nokia-t202 months ago

If you're like me you might have some question marks about the performance due to the chipset ram combination so i'm happy to report that the day-to-day experience


and performance of the device was a lot better than i expected i would even go as far as saying it's good and this is while taking into consideration

that i have the three gigs of ram version here most apps launch pretty quickly and the experience was generally speaking quite smooth not mind-blowingly

fast or super smooth but perfectly adequate and i would imagine that the version with 4 gigs of ram would probably hold up slightly better

and i know that i sometimes complain about stock android being a bit too bare bones but this is a perfect example on where it actually shines thanks

to being lightweight and fairly efficient and the t20 is even capable of playing games such as call of duty mobile and pubg on medium graphical

settings at an acceptable level and this tells me that an average consumer wouldn't really have any issues with the performance of this thing having said that i still wouldn't classify

this as a multitasking beast so keep your expectations in check in order to see if the t20 is any good i've tested the things that this tablet was designed to do so starting with media consumption

the t20 has a sharp and large 10.4 inch screen which comes with decent brightness the display also has a 5x3 aspect ratio which gives a very nice balance

between watching content and browsing it will also last for ages on a single charge if you're watching content and the speakers are loud and clear wi-fi connectivity is also pretty good

as this tablet also supports five gigahertz wi-fi and the speed and the connectivity was reliable so check the second use case scenario would be for work or for education purposes

and based on my testing you can get about 10 hours of screen on time over two days and it's almost impossible to kill this tablet's battery life in one day which means that it will last

a full workday of usage and you also get the security updates for three years the cameras are decent enough for good quality video performance

over zoom and teams and they're also perfectly adequate at scanning documents and because the tablet has two microphones it also gives clear audio

in video calls and it also has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and it works flawlessly with wireless earbuds thanks to bluetooth 5.0 if you work a lot

outdoors you can also opt for an lte variant the tablet should also remain secure thanks to the three years of security updates so i would say it passes the work in education test now

the last use case is if you want to give it to children so the tablet comes with a kids mode which gives you a lot of parental controls over what they have access to you can also use youtube kids

on this and it has a low blue light certified display so it's easy on their eyes the build quality is very solid and you could also opt in for a rugged add-on case which i would highly recommend

if you're giving this to children they can also play most games at medium graphics and it will last them all day on a charge so i would say it passes this test with flying colors.

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