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Chidinma was all my mind and thought could ever mustered. I know it is quite strange but the world can mind their business . The very first time I met chi- chi ( a pet name I chose for her) was at the night party held by one of my best friend Eldie by name. I have always not been a party freak. Most of my friend do call me the "bored worm". I just don't care. I just don't see anything interesting in it. People dancing, drinking to stupor , having sex with strangers... All this are just the frivolous of life. Trying to avoid the reality of the physical world.

I definitely went to this party with my friends after much plead and promises. Arriving at Eldie's place, I heared sounds . People chatting the DJ 's songs with all the breathe of their body. The entrance to the party itself has already been filled with empty trophy bottles. The numbers of consumed cigars were uncountable . My O my, this party has already kicked the bucket before the slated time we all assumed. As I walked in with my troublesome three friends, my eyes suddenly met chi- chi the most intelligent and beautiful girl in my faculty( Arts) . She has been my crust right from the day I heard her talked about me from my close girls pals. Her curiosity about my affairs makes me even to like her the more. This excitement she has about me didn't make me to ask my friends the questions she was asking of about me. As I stood there speechless, she waved me to join her . I left my friends as I gait happily towards this queer wonderful lady of my desire.

Our talk wasn't interesting at first until Chidinma poured me some coca cola drink. Hmm, this babe is Christian- like i assumed as I sip down the chilled drink. At first it was strange. My eyes started behaving somehow . My vision became unclear. I took more coca cola to push aside this sudden sleep but as I took more, my predicament became worst. Chidinma was smiling but I just couldn't place my hands on anything funny. Jess!.. she shouted, I forgot something upstairs. Please help me out...she indulged. I stood up without knowing . My body was heavy and hazy. My legs could barely stand on their own accord. Chidinma offered her hands . She took my hands and placed them on her waist . Gosh, she was hot in there... We walked all the way from the corner of the big parlour at the detriment of my friends eyes and those party freaks to the awaiting stairs. My hands were tightly on her waist as we made our way to very top of the building. We finally got to a room numbered room F9... At first, I did hesitate to getting in. F9!.. of all letters. As I stood there in amusement, Chidinma placed her soft lip on mine. Dragging me inside the room against my will . That was the last thing I could remember as I woke up to the loud knock on the door.

It was 6 O clock in the morning.I looked aside, I was the only one here. My boxer was on the bare floor leaving me stark naked. The room was turned upside down. Bedsheet looked rough on it outfit. Three Girls G-string was there laying on the right side of the room. All these I could glimpsed on as I made my way to the door. When I ajar the door, I was greeted with a smile . Eldie's sister walked in, took one G- string from the three and came back to peak me on my cheek. You did great. Your dick was a rock, she teased as she left with the warning for me to leave her room before 7:30. Gosh!.. I have been rape... My mind drove wide.

It would have been more enjoyable if I was awake. The rape scene would have made a lot of sense. I could barely think right as I made my to the exist . My boxer was soaked with sperm. My body smelled horribly . I brought out my phone and dialled Christy's. She picked. The very questioned that came to my mind was this: what did Chidinma asked you about me?. Christy choked . she said, "she was curious about your private life". Why you haven't approached even when you knew that she had a crush on you. And she promised to do something weird.. I was shocked but a little bit of me actually wanted it. I never reported her to the authority but rather we became sex friends and lover. Sometimes, she would call out any girl I have lust on over to her place. We could have threesome and more. I became lively and sociable but still not a party freak. My freakiness is solely on Chi-Chi and her games. She is crazy and madly in love with me. She is quite honest of sharing me with her friends. A thing I still don't understand. Her orientation is quite queer. She is just perfect. My Chi-Chi knows when to be jealous and when not to be. She is out of this world. Her being is unique.