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Miss Martha has no forte for small talks aside the business that brings her to the four corners of her shop. Her emancipation from the prognosis of life has been the grace of God. Who would have thought that a lady as her would have a say in the sphere of the market center. Her words are final...whether one like it or not.. She became the Ogadi ayana of ibudu market due to her persistent drive at the corruptible government of her clan to building the bridge which act as linkage to different villages even the ones from millions miles away.

Her life was iconic but her marriage life was nothing to write home about. Her second marriage ended as the first. People blamed her for her character thereby leaving the men aside who only came around to eat the bountiful goodies in her and her uncountable possessions. Many adage did repeat itself. People now assumes that once a lady is becomes difficult for her to hold even unto to the most miserable men.
As luckily as the world would have her be, She wasn't bothered about the talk that goes on around her. As un-perturbed as she was, the population now assumes that she probably bewitched herself with this predicament and also used it to aid her wealth.