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At least, all men must think. We should all be a thinking being to be accounted as a human.

This is philosophy that Israel, my friend holds on. Everything he says look like sense to him. Wether it be nonsense, stupid, and childish Israel is a thinking being. Many at times I often marvel at my mistakes for choosing him as one of my best friend. Maybe because he is witty, chivalrous but a miser to himself, a loud laugher, a chronic talker and a flimsy believer of the bet club. To be sincere, he is a gold fish when one is far away but closer, one couldn't tell the difference between parrot and a white wall.

Israel has many girlfriends. Most of them are his ex's . He had never spent a month with any. Despite his flirting, girls still flock around him. He is handsome, lazy, tall, noisy, built albs but can't he is not involved in any sport and ever bankrupt.

My mom always refer me to Israel for his decent dressing and sense for style. This is a good example but most of the clothing he puts on are not his'. Anytime he chose to go to any occasion, he would beg a friend or even a dry cleaner for his best brand. I m aware of this so I m not always jealous of this emanation of dress sense.

At least Israel thinks. The only thing that makes sense to me about him are his pairs of hands whenever he bids himself a farewell. His strength is gone. When he walks, the ground gets envy to set a trap for a parrot bird( that's to show how light he is). All is wills are two pairs of trousers, an old ever- shinny necklace, a wallet embedded with a lot of paper to afloat the size and a tiny looking belt that looks like a girl G-STRING.

I wondered why girls flock around him. Is it his borrowed style, his unconscious mistaken English, his purposed injured red lips, six packs(Albs) with no good exercise for the sport or his constant renewed shinny currency?. I can't doubt this. But I just think Israel's brain is fast advanced than the ladies. He often call this set of being...." Fish brain". An offense I still find hand to swallow.


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