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You are welcome to my first series of side talk. This series " SIDE TALK" is simply an open gossip diary about the way of life that people seem to push aside. Although most of our endeavors are all about the running of our daily needs, it is pertinent that our minds should never forget our little fancy beginning .

I will start with the ladies- you know they always say ladies first so let give it a try then. You know when a girl is born she is acquainted with a structure that the world cherish. Her whole being is delicate. Her steps are properly ordered. Right from when she was born the mother knows that she has a lot of work to do. There is her hair to be fixed, her manners to be checked, her carriage to be properly caution and as well as every single details. These proper dissimilation of information is vertically the best part of parenting most especially the girl child.

In the society of life, no one thought the girl child that she is special . She just knew right from birth. That why in Africa a lady is thought to behave properly when she in the public eyes. It emphatically means that anytime she moves, it directly means that she is selling something positive or negative. She doesn't really needs to talk first before those signs let themselves out. They are just semiotics gestures of nature just like the crossroads pictures.

So she is growing up and the world is watching. She learns trades that no one teaches. This trades are namely: don't fart in public( mostly public nuisance but girls observes it most) , don't laugh aloud, walk like their life depends on it, pose their buttocks backwards like a Carmel awaiting to be loaded, eat gently in public even when one is famish... etc. These are mostly un- learned manners that have stayed with us all for generation and more to come.

So let get to the "SIDE TALK" . Most probably and I can't say all of this grandiose display are most forgotten when she is bought( married). Her manner of been an angel of distinct value would be push aside . The ways she was carrying herself then, now she forgone all of that. Her eyelashes are no longer fixed, her standard of a great woman has been crush down because of the birth of her child. It is as if her entire dream was to build this prince and princesses into what the society needs. where has the style gone. I m not advocating for a race here. I m just simply concerned about her pretence of those aspect at first. I think it is just what the society wants from her kind of person or she is just been an actress . A good one for no good reason.but she should be aware that this proper display of stardom are mainly why the world respect and value her.


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What a wonderful one here, can't wait for the other parts of the series. Kindly shorten the link of the pictures, cheers

I will . Thanks for your comment.