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"Where is Alex", I asked Sam. I ate him up was his reply.

Sam has always been a pain in the ass. you know what?. I did blame once for not coming to my grandfather funeral. Guess what!. Sam said I never sent him an invitation. What!... Who does that?. Invitation to a funeral... Gush, he is so annoying and the way he does it(pretence) kills me more.

I have never wished anyone bad before in my life the way I wished Sam. I wished he was hang, shot in the belly, drown in the sea, killed in the jungle and left to dry there with the amusement of vultures feasting his eyes and flesh. I know my mind is kind of dirty but I just don't care. For all I cared about, Sam could go to hell.

Subsequently , my ideas and evil biding started rearing its head. Firstly, Sam lost his job, his puppy dog , his eye glasses, his mansion and his newly wedded wife. Secondly, Sam lost his sanity and lastly, he became a destitute with himself and wish he was dead. I m not the devil if you thought so. I just stupidly wish he was dead. At least , these were just mere thoughts and not actions.

Finally Sam is now dead. His corpse lies helplessly under the dirty- littered bridge. When I went there to see him, it was as if he knew i was there and his eyes continuously puck out at me endlessly.i heard he got fed up with life and he escaped from the Mentalist hospital. If these world could conjure my thought then and the remorse feeling of my heart now, then I would be sanctioned a criminal of the first murder. I never thought that thoughts are fiercely being. They generate life themselves.

Now I m sorry but on the contrary Sam is dead. This is definitely a medicine after death. My thought, my first murder.


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First murder indeed @obaseki, lovely story nice concept. I love your work.

Finally Sam is now death
Is supposed to be dead

Thanks for sharing

Thanks... I really appreciate it and thanks for pointing that...