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This life has not been straight enough to the people of the natives. Many at times, the village people of Ignoru Community would always insist that what was best was to go to a dibia to know what would eventually befall one in this short world of human. This practise was quite a relief but not to Adebolas' family. His being adamant towards this practice was quite understandable. He is not superstitious . He believes nothing that deals with the plausible means of achieving things in a short space of time . He is just concerned about letting the misery remain where it is. At least ,it is quite better to let the sleeping dog lies, he always say.

But as his family became so troublesome , he succumbed. His wife and his younger son were the cohorts. Many at times people tends to forget that the home is unconvincingly run by the woman. The man could just be a post of superiority but deep inside he knows. The journey towards unveiling this mysteries has been for long. Taiwo and kehinde, this set of twin and the only boys of Adebolas' don't always get along. Their major conflict was this: who is better. Their most associate and resemblance could be trace to Esua and Jacob . Not as it been heard that twin could live like cat and rat but this. They were just like salt on a new wound. They barely eat or speak together . The house they both lived in was hell.

As the days went on, Ada their mother prepared kehinde for the journey ahead. She made sure that all pre-arrangements were made before the D-day. Kehinde been her favorite, she indulge him not to worry that every rites would be to his advantage. Taiwo was humble but the fierce between his brother has made him a rough diamond.

David, their father never had any preferences . He loved them same. So the D-day came but their father never went with them. Ada took both of them to the dibia for the long sought after future consultation . After much switch and turn, they finally arrived at the place. The hut was a little bit timid. The roof was well built. The place didn't actually seem like the typical dibia's place. They went in with their backs to the entrance. After much foreign tongue interactions with the gods by the Dibia, he finally spoke. The younger one came with a better head. He will be the most wealthy man in your village and environ while the the senior would serve him. Hearing this , Taiwo broke into tears. His fate has been decided. His brother on the other hands was cocky and full of ego. His eyes and nostril became wilder... As they both walk back home, Ada their mother kept singing the praises of Kehinde her favorite.

When they arrived home, Taiwo disclosed this to his Father. In tears he wailed his pain endlessly. His Father pants him on his shoulder continuously . Taiwo he said' life is not about what others say about but what you make them realise about you'. After this words, Taiwo made a vow to fight for his life and change the course of his destiny but Kehinde became lazy. All he does was to fold his hands under the orange tree in the morning , afternoon and evening. He knows he is rich already. His father warned him but his mother pampered him more saying, ' riches are born not worked for'.

Twenty years later, the story was never same. Taiwo is now a renown musician. His trade was recognised home and abroad . But Kehinde remain with their mother at home. The gods truly had lied. A man's destiny lies in his hands and not future telling . His father was proud of his son. He also was proud of what his father told him that day.