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I have been living under the the delusion that children are gift from God, yes but do you really think all of these saying are true?.

My name is Esther. I m a girl of about fifteen. My knowledge about life is kinda of brief since they ascertain that life experience is obviously for the wise, elderly and gray. All the same, I do like to share them though.

When my mum had me I was truly not the child my father and my pitiful mother wanted. My poor mother had had three female children before I was born so my coming to this world was obviously not something new. Although my birth wasn't that of an omen, my parent were something I do value. My father is a hardworking farmer. His hands has never known rest since he stepped his legs into this weird strange wide world. He was hardly at home. Most of the time if he was ever around he would sit at the corner of his hut smoking his tobacco or having his hair dyed black by my ever caring mother.

In the 80's as it were , most blacks African initiatives concerning marriage was certainly polygamy . Although my father never went to the university, it never occurred to him that he should take in another wife to bear him a male child. He was strange among his mate. They always made a laughing stock of him saying " OKORODADAN, why waste your strength , time and hope on this female children, they are someone else's possession". Although it pained him , the least he could do was to shove his head, hands and anger into his big plantation by taking us daughters with him to clear large portions of farm land. Whenever this occurs my mother would tell us to never complain. She would make sure we all finish in time in the amusement of my father, her husband. When this is done my father would raise his heads in wonderment and in a loud voice "this is OKORODADAN' s daughters...the brave and courageous farmers.

Knowledge was always in their acting. I have never saw them fight. Any time there was an argument, each could hear the other out. I wondered who taught them so. There life was simple. An idle mind is the devil's workshop this they always say to us. I,myself and three other sisters are proud of this non-educated parents of mine. What my father truly know is that " the sex of a child is not determined by any position of sexual intercourse or by the mother herself.