Making some drugs and trying to reach top 100 rank. Get FREE STEEM from playing

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Hi, have you not joined the game hosted by @drugwars yet. You should hurry up and get the production started.
I started some days ago and get paid Steem every day since. No I have not gotten back all my investments but hopefully it will get to a point where i start to earn more then I spend.

This is how my production is going so far.

As i mentioned in the headliner I want to reach top 100. But missing some more drug prod. to reach it

i'm still waiting for the dev. to open so we can build gangs.

Til nordmenn
Håper vi kan få samlet ett norsk lag eller noe slikt. Har sett at @valth spiller, er @flatman og @gyldenhorn @onebitnews kommet i gang ennå? Noen andre norske som spiller?

Have a great sunday everyone

Please feel free to use my invite link if you want to start playing.!/ref/@everydaycoach

@bookkeeping has comed up with a cool funtction, test it out like this.
Write a comment with !bookkeeping followed by drugwars, steemmonsters, magicdice, steemslotgames or steembet.

!bookkeeping drugwars

Best regard @EveryDayCoach


I am playing hard for the moment, also trying to reach top 100

Could you please tell us more about the game ?
Principles and what we have to do ?
I joined it using the referal link below and Don't know what to do and how to play.

Hi, nice of you to join. And good luck.
Gameplay and how to rice, My best advice...

If you can, invest 20 steem.
By the most expensive, drug, alcohol and weapon production.
The build headquarters, storage, training.
You should always have you headquarters at a higher level.
Also invest operation center.
I will give you some upvote for joining my link.
Good luck
Best regards @EveryDayCoach

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Best regards.

Wow that great...
see you in the battle

!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @khanza.aulia!



  • 8.760 STEEM from daily
  • 2.764 STEEM from heist
  • 0.000 STEEM from referral


  • 89.361 STEEM


  • -77.837 STEEM

First transfer was before 2.92 days.
Your ROI per day is 4.42 % and you are earning approx. 3.95 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 19.7 days.

Hey, see that u break even in about 19 days... think i need more time then that. le't check.

See you in the field

!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @everydaycoach!



  • 25.225 STEEM
  • 10.244 STEEM from daily
  • 0.722 STEEM from heist
  • 1.305 STEEM from referral


  • 241.883 STEEM


  • -204.387 STEEM

First transfer was before 3.87 days.
Your ROI per day is 4.01 % and you are earning approx. 9.69 STEEM per day.
Break even in approx. 21.1 days.

hehe i just spend 89 Steem right Now, i try upgrade with own production :)

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