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RE: Garasjesalget fortsetter her utgave 1 - The garage sale continues here issue 1

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Auction closed: Look for auction nr 3 - Auksjonen er avsluttet: Se etter auksjon 3

We continue with auction nr 2 . Bid what you want and have fun. Remember our famous CashBack.

We have FAMILY TREE MAGNETIC FRAMES on auction today
(remember the higher the bid the higher the CashBack).
Have some fun and just bid what you want. If you get the product you will also get CashBack.

Here is facts about the product:

Build your very own family tree.
15 magnetic photo frames.
45 connector branches.
Pen and more fun extras included.
Great on the refrigerator door.
Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard - the CashBack King


I bid 20 SBD

End of story. I will come back stronger.

You are the winner of auction 2 in Issue 1 @tommyhansen

Just send 20 STEEM to @BabsBoard. In the memo you write your name, address and country. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only @BabsBoard and you that can read it.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.


Have a nice day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard

Da har jeg overført 20 SBD. Jeg kan vel ikke sende STEEM når jeg bydde SBD.
La CashBack strømme på!

Hei @tommyhansen:-) Ser at cashback.png
har jobbet litt:-)
Ja det er forskjell på SBD og steem. Steem har som oftest litt lavere verdi enn SBD, pr nå er fordelingen slik:
STEEM price: $1.67
SBD price: $1.69
Base feed price: $1.983
Internal market: $0.9900

Håper du blir fornøyd med varen. Den er da på vei hjem til deg.
Ha en videre flott søndag.
Vennlig hilsen @EveryDayCoach hos @BabsBoard

Such a unique post @tommyhansen my Bid is in 10 SBD

Hi @everydaycoach and @babsboard,

I have already won this item in a previous auction but I will participate again and if I win, I will give this item to one of my friends here on steemit as a gift.

So I bid 10 SBD


@hasmez I am still a beginner and I do not yet have enough SBD to participate so give it to me when you get it because I'm your friend in Steemit no matter that I'm really your sister 😆😊

Hi @everydaycoach and @babsboard,

My new Bid is 11 SBD

hi @babsboards and @everydaycoach
my offer is 7SBD

Hi @everydaycoach and @babsboard,
I start the bidding with 5 SBD

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