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RE: Garasjesalget fortsetter her utgave 1 - The garage sale continues here issue 1

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Auction closed: Look for auction nr 4 in the next issue - Auksjonen er avsluttet: Se etter auksjon 4 i neste utgave.

CashBack 3.png

Auction 3 is this great Vertical Felt Garden Plant Bag, for indoor and outdoor use with 12 pockets.
(remember the higher the bid the higher the CashBack).

Have some fun and just bid what you want. If you get the product you will also get CashBack.

Here is facts about the product:

Ideal for herbs, succulents, flowers, smaller vegetables such as lettuce and other leafy greens, strawberries and even orchids
Porous weatherproof mesh weave material with UV inhibitors allows excellent drainage and provides an ideal environment for root growth. Can also been used for storage

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard - the CashBack King


nytt bud 20 SBD
new bid 20 SBD

You are the winner of auction 3 in Issue 1 @flatman

Just send 20 SBD to @BabsBoard. In the memo you write your name, address and country. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only @BabsBoard and you that can read it.

The CachBack Upvote Aparatus will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.

Have a nice day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard

Igår fikk jeg en hyggelig pakke fra Fredrikstad
Takk for fin handel


Thank you very much mr @EveryDayCoach & mr @BabsBoard :) I will transfer the SBD right away.

Give me the stawberry on the wall.

My new bid is 12 SBD - Mitt nye bud er 12 SBD - 12 SBD عرضي الجديد هو - Ma nouvelle offre est de 12 SBD - Mi nueva oferta es 12 SBD

Hei, jeg byr 10 sbd på disse flotte filtpottene. Har googlet litt bilder og de ser helt fantastiske ut. Tenkte jeg skulle plante jordebær i dem. Tenk deg en vegg med jordebær:-) image

it's spring, can I have strawberries on the wall ;)
my offer is 16 SBD

auction nr 3 issue 1

Jeg vil også ha jordbær på veggen 11 SBD

I want strawberry on my wall too 11 SBD

Jeg byr 15 SBD!
Blir det vegg jordbær på meg i år? :D

Hi @everydaycoach and @babsboard,

My offer is 5 SBD

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