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2 months ago, just after I joined Steemit, I wrote a post Plastic Ocean ( Back then few people I knew were aware of this dire situation with plastic in the ocean and its detrimental effects on marine life.
Since then it seems that the level of awareness has exploded!

NRK, Norway's public broadcaster, showed the British documentary The Plastic Whale.



Today, I took this picture outside the headquarter of FINN, the largest site for Norwegian classified advertisements with sections devoted to jobs, housing, cars, for sale, travel, and services.


Also, one of Norway's biggest insurance companies, Storebrand, has made a move.



I think what is so emotional stirring about this issue is that is very tangible and very acute. One of the persons interviewed and involved in the plastic whale case said something I will not forget: I do think the plastic whale came to us as a messenger, and for us to do something now!

I am a very metaphysical person and this makes much sense to me.

Yes, I know, we need much more action than just collecting some bags of plastic for money. But, it is a good start.
Hopefully, the awareness is rising all over the world.
In short, very nice development on this urgent issue. I am indeed optimistic.

Better go out an collect some plastic from the ocean myself!

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!



Thanks for sharing
So important problem
Its our responsibility to make the earth clean
sorry for delay with checking your post
The last days I was not able to read your latest posts as I start to read with high difficulty because of My Trigeminal Neuralgia ..
But I will try to fight the pain and keep going..
I will steem on..
Keep the good work

Denne var verdt en resteem!
Utrolig viktig å gjøre noe NÅ! Og kult å se at endel store aktører tar ansvar i Norge!

Thank you for taking on this issue that needs looking at. Plastic is a big part of the problem littering in the ocean and there are many other things going into the water that we should not be putting in.

Yes you are right @lucasevewar that plastic is a big problem

This is definitely the start on cleaning the waters of all the plastic us humans throw in with no care.
I guess this payment system will encourage people to clean up water beds but hopefully one day people start doing it by themselves and not due to wanting any monetary gain @pagandance

Yes, hopefully people will!

I guess the next step now is to look into different measures to reduce platic consumption. Might putting a tax on plastic articles be the way to go?

Thanks for the inspiration

Its our responsibility to make the earth clean, as no other livings have made dirt here. So its a great start.

like this post :3 upvoted and follow you. hope you will do same if you like it

yes...Plastic is a serious problem....approximately 10 years ago we faced flooding in Mumbai in the rainy season and later on one of the contributing reasons found out was PLASTIC choking the manholes. The sad part is even after KNOWING the fact that its bad people don't wanna STOP/reduce using it. It was later on banned and i wish that the ban could ever be completely implemented.

People are getting aware of this issue. On the other hand there is allready so much plastic in the ocean that the big heads in the world should think of ways to clean it and not only prevent it from getting in the oceans.

Keep up the good work!! Perhaps we could tackle the root problem too, with maybe advertising on the plastics to encourage people not to allow the emptied container / bottle/ bag to end up in the ocean, indicating the consequences??

WOW... I was just think... what more we can too.

Great article!

I saw a documentary the other day about this. It's amazing the amount of plastic in our oceans. We have to do something about it.

Yes, indeed!

Great post @janusface sir, the humans throw the plastic in waters and its not only destroy the beauty of waters but also harmful for sea life, i hope this system really encourage many peoples to clean the water.

I was in several zoos in the past month with my kids. Each of them had awareness stories for the pollution of the oceans and that see animals suffer and eat this junk.
I like it that the young ones see it and understand it in their childhood. This will help to prevent.

Nice that you kids are getting awareness about this important issue: Steem on!

Now hopefully the younger generations to come will put an end to this plastic littering.

I am glad to see there are people like you who are educated and is trying to bring awareness to such a serious issues that not many people know about.

People should start to think about the fate of this planet and the future of our children, very ingenious post.

thank you so much for this post about Ocean and planet
i resteem it , i hope more steemit users resteemit to share it and protect this great planet for the future

I hope this system will make people take more care about this planet

hemp is the future instead of plastic ;)

Yes, indeed:)

Aww... the Weed....

wonderfull work hope now the time more awareness increase to whole world people and its will be good for sea creatures mean fishes which are also many lifes and other side specilly in small countries i see there beach condtions so bad and no any awareness in peoples

its ur best post and good to post on this issue bcz this is now a big matter to the whole sea @janusface sir and i hope this get more success ans awarness with ur post if many people see and try to follow this

Resteemed, I noticed that people talk more and more about this and i think we need more people like you to expose this so people are aware of this even more :)

Was looking for a gif of one of those nets they put in the oceans to catch up plastic. Instead I found this...

Disgusting pictures (but thanks for sharing), shame on the human race!

Yeah. We (myself included) tend to look the other way. But we make so much waste on this planet with our consumerism behaviour, it's abnormal to say the least...

i hope people participate in huge Number in this initiative and clean the garbage they have thrown in .

Thank you being an advocate for this beautiful planet. Great awareness article.

yeah its good to get success on awarness of sea plastic issues i think all world countries work on it on a high level and make a team like that neto and save the sea for world save

@janusface - Sire, I like this post & decided to resteem it.

+W+ [ReSteemed & UpVoted]

Doing great for the planet.
Well deserved praise
Thanks for your efforts

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