Making my return to steemit

in #norway3 years ago

So I haven't been completely gone, but I have mostly been working on a Norway exclusive project, kind of leaving this account behind. Though I enjoy ineracting with the people there it does get a little businessy, here I can just rant about whatever tickles my fancy today.
The sad part however is that it's a lot of work to get all the spammers out of the way, much easier when writing in your native language. Then again there are a lot of interesting people to get to know outside of Norway too.
Don't know how many of my old followers are still here, but I apologize for not keeping up to date with your posting, will try to get in more reading from now on.

What you will encounter most on my page is gaming related articles.
Be it computer, console, board or card game (especially magic the gathering), I love them all. I do from time to time post some sketches, not really talented, but love art and love to draw. Outside of that the gym takes up most of my time, though I do have a LOT of other interests, so you never know what you will meet here. I also love music (who doesn't) so might be some music relatet posts. I do also play the guitar, but like the drawing I'm not really talented, so will keep it to torturing my neighbours for now, might post some videos later. I also do have a friend who is a great guitar player, his videos may pop up from time to time.

I think I will be ending my rant here for now, I do have material planned for daily posting for the rest of the week, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading :)