Voting power disappears too fast

in #norway3 years ago

So I'm starting to remember why I have been less active on this profile.
Like I've mentioned earlier I have a second account that runs Norway exclusive content, mainly competitions.
The SP on that account is pretty low and is mostly used to keep track of the competitions, so it falls on this account to give a somewhat decent upvote (though the upvote for this account is also pretty low).
It takes the fun out of going through other peoples content when you can't upvote, but might have to start. I am following a lot of interesting people so need to get back on track, I have missed out on a lot. Though steemit is a great and interesting platform the business factor takes focus.
My other project has rrecently increased in popularity which has completely exhausted my voting power. It's offcourse great, but it makes it hard to upvote others outside of the project.
It might get back on track if I removed my vote selling from @minnowbooster, but then again it's great that the vote gets used for something when I don't have the time, so as of now that is not happening.
Hopefully my SP will increase on both accounts to a point when this is no longer a problem, but considering my accumulated upvote between both accounts is lower than 0.2 it will take some time.
I might be making a new investment soon to get on the right track but as of now it's not room in my budget.
Fingers crossed that steem doesn't explode in price before I get to make one more deposit.


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