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RE: This is me venting

in #norway4 years ago

It's probably not as bad as 9 out of 10, but there certainly are a lot of bad people out there, and sadly places like Steemit attracts a lot of these. Those who want to exploit the system for financial gain, and those whose opinions are too extreme for Facebook and Twitter, they come here instead. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't let the users of Steemit influence your view of humanity in general.

That said I don't exactly have the most faith in humanity myself. I have friends who go on about the importance of humans colonising other planets so our species can survive, and I don't really see why. Surely it would be the best for the universe if our species quarantine ourself here on Earth so it's the only planet we destroy.

Also I don't really believe Steemit in itself is the future of anything. It certainly has some interesting ideas and concepts, but because of the way it's designed it's too easily exploitable and attracts the wrong kinds of users. There are other sites in development that attempt to improve on the formula, so in time Steemit might fade into the shadow of something new and better.


It's the people I have met and my life experiences that has made me lose most of my faith in humanity. Steemit is actually kind of making me less of a cynic, but there are many leeches here that really annoys me.
Yeah people have a tendency to destroy anything they come across.
The steemit team is working hard to improve the platform, the code is also completely open so it may be similar and even better projects popping up. But the concept itself is pure gold.
There are also people taking it upon themselves to ruin bots by flagging them to death, but hopefully there will be a better system in place soon.