Stord Airshow 2018.

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Laurdag 16. juni var det airshow på Stord der fleire eldre fly deltok. Desse flya vil eg presentera einskildvis.
Det første flyet eg presenterer er ein Noordyn Norseman R-AF. Dei neste flya vil koma i seinare postar.
Noorseman er bygd av Noordyn Aviation i Kanada og vart ført over til det norske flyvåpenet i mai i 1945. Til saman 8 slike fly kom til landet like etter krigen. Flyet er ein arbeidshest og har vore i operativ teneste frå 1945 og fram til i dag. Flyet har vore brukt både med hjul, ski og flottørar. I mai 2015 vart flyet overteke av Norsk Flyfartsmuseum i Bodø.
Fjellet som ein kan sjå i bakgrunnen på ein del av bileta, heiter Siggjo, og er det høgaste fjellet på Bømlo med 474 meter.

Saturday, June 16th there was an air show at Stord where more older aircraft participated. I will present these planes individually in later posts.
The first plane I present is one Noordyn Norseman R-AF. The next aeroplane will come in later posts.
Noordyn Aviation builds Noorseman in Canada and transferred to the Norwegian Air Force in May 1945. A total of 8 such aircraft arrived in the country after the war. The plane is one working horse and has been operating from 1945 until today. The plane has been used both with wheels, skis and floats. In May 2015, the aircraft was taken over by the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø.
The mountain that one can see in the background on one part of the pictures is called Siggjo and is the highest mountain on Bømlo with an altitude of 474 meters.




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This is amazing. I read that they began to produce since 1934. And the first flight was made on November 14, 1935. Only 900 cars were built. They are a strut high, with non-retractable landing gear with a tail wheel. And as you correctly wrote such planes could be and with floats or with skis. Thanks for the pictures. @siggjo

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