Robots of Antiquity - Part 8

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In the Hippodrome of the underground city, Yerşehir, the audience looked forward to the one-wheel bike races, which were the most popular event of the games. In the giant racetrack from the pre-plague era, cyclists prepared for the final lap ahead of the long oval track. Along the road's long edge, the stands that rise in steps on either side were clogged. The protocol was standing behind the half-circle eastern end of the runway. President Omay was pleased with the way the games were going and the public's interest in the games. The president's daughter Derma watched Sitta's preparations before the race and acrobatics in the interior area of the track with the binoculars. "Fire-swallowing acrobats" threw flaps and parades accompanied by flying phosphorous fabrics and drum sounds and succeeded in creating excitement in the tribunes with the fire they sprayed from their mouths. In the stands' front row, the colorful carbide lamps, lined with five meters apart, gave the Hippodrome a different air. Of course, the carbide lamps were not enough to illuminate the Hippodrome; the general lighting was made through projectors lined in the runway's interior.

As soon as the one-wheeled bike race started, Sitte jumped in front of the full bike group. Hader turned around and said to Omay, "that young man is making a big mistake; I'm not sure even if he can finish the race."

The group that followed Sitta opened the gap between the rest 20 meters before the end of the first round. Almost everyone in the stands thought that the young man in front with no experience in unicycle racing would throw towels after a few rounds. However, as the tours progressed, the riders behind him started to break out one by one from the front group. Sitta did not show any signs of fatigue, though. In the previous round of the race, there were four in the front group, including Sitta, the last game champion, who was close. The other three riders in the front group passed Sitta before entering the final round. It was apparent that Sitta could no longer drive his unicycle in a straight line. At the end of the race, the previous games' champion broke the record, while Sitta managed to finish the race with difficulty and be the fourth.

Omay and Derma watched the closing concert given by the Yerşehir High Council orchestra. The melodies created with instruments such as the great lyre, small lyre, harp, drums, and double-pipe reflected the pain, hopes, fears, and excitement of the people of Yerşehir. Therefore, in addition to the protocol, the people filling the stands welcomed the concert with enthusiasm.

After the end of the games, Omay received the news that robots attacked the city's stables and surveillance equipment. Almost all of the barns had evaporated as a result of simultaneous attacks.

Within a few hours, the neighborhood forums, the city council, and the great assembly met separately to discuss the attack's agenda. Omay chose to hold the council meeting in the light gardens above the presidential palace. There were a round table and chairs around the space between the plane and the spruce trees.

"I do not understand the logic of an attack that has been taking so long past the events," Amara said.

"I am deeply sorry for our loss, but I think this is not the time for sentimentality. They've destroyed all our surveillance equipment with the stables. Fortunately, they haven't touched the light collectors yet. Otherwise, our people would be in danger of starvation."

"Our army will have to go up to the surface and fight," Akman said.

"Our army is ready for a total attack. It is time to show them who they were dealing with," Amara said.

"A big attack is too risky, and if we lose our army, we become slaves of robots. We must proceed with progressive action plans," Omay said.

"We cannot use our numerical superiority and the advantage of our secret weapons in tactical attacks," Amara said.

"It's too risky to attack without knowing what kind of backup power the enemy has. We can't throw our army into a fire whose depth is unknown," Omay said. Both Omay and Amara seemed determined to defend their views to the very end.

"It would be nice if we could get support from other nations," Akman said.

"Other nations will not want to jump into the fire. The people of Yerşehir supported our army these days. It's time to teach the important lessons to the oppressors."

"There may be weapons and reserve forces we have not seen yet. Is it possible to learn about production capacities?" asked the industry minister.

"They completely cut our contact with the outside world by destroying surveillance devices. If we want to get to know them, we have to go out and fight them," Amara said.

Meanwhile, Hader approached with reasonable steps and sat in the chair opposite Omay on the roundtable and said, "Hello, dear friends."

"Does the assembly authorize us to fight robots?" asked Omay.

"I got the warrant, and I came. I want to express that the Supreme Assembly is behind our president, our army, and our High Council and will give unconditional support for the enemy's defeat. The Supreme Assembly is in the spirit of consensus and solidarity," said Hader.

Does anyone know what the weather's like in the neighborhood forums?" asked Omay.

"The people want revenge for the attacks on the stable; they are ready for all kinds of sacrifices on this issue," Akman said.

"I ask you to prepare an attack plan. You will make the presentation before the attack," Omay said.

"I assume this attack will be a rehearsal for a total war where we will eradicate the robots," Amara said
"We will punish those who kill our people. Nobody should doubt that," Omay said. She planned to slow down the battle with robots and gain the support of other nations because her sixth sense told her that the robots were stronger than they seem.