Happy Iranian New Year

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Today 2018-03-20, at exactly 16:15:28 GMT (19:45:28 IRST), the Earth passes the point in its orbit where the ecliptic longitude of the Sun is 0°. It is the so-called vernal equinox, or the beginning of Spring. This moment is the beginning of the Persian New Year, Nowruz. Nowruz is the most important holiday in Iranian culture.


Image source: pixabay. Licence: CC0 Creative Commons.

Happy Nowruz to everyone. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


Thanks @ghasemkiani and happy Nowroz to you as well.


Happy new year Iranian :) Are you from iran?

Thanks. Yes, I am.

Happy new year

Happy nowruz to you also ...lots of love

Thank you. Wishing you all the best.

Amazing post.Thanks for sharing it

سلام ایرانیان عزیز در سراسر جهان

سرآغاز سال جدید و نو شدن طبیعت را به شما تبریک عرض می کنم

سلام. سپاس از شما. سال نو بر شما هم مبارک باد.

wow that's amazing. .. happy new year you too have a great year ahead with alot of success and progress @ghasemkiani

Thank you. I wish you all the best.

you are welcome

Happy naoroz :-)

Happy Iranian New Year.....

Happy Nowruz dear @ghasemkiani.

Being a cultural student i was not aware of Nowruz, Thanks for this valuable information @ghasemkiani ;)

Today 2018-03-20, at exactly 16:15:28 GMT (19:45:28 IRST), the Earth passes the point in its orbit where the ecliptic longitude of the Sun is 0°. It is the so-called vernal equinox, or the beginning of Spring. This moment is the begininning of the Persian New Year, Nowruz. Nowruz is the most important holiday in Iranian culture.

Happy New Year Irani Brothers and Sisters :)

Thanks. Wishing you all the best.

happy new year

Saale no mobraaak ..enshalla sali bashe por az shaadi 😊🌹

سلام. خیلی ممنون. سال نو شما هم مبارک. سال خوبی برای شما آرزومندم.

Sepaase faravaan :)

Happy new year sir @ghasemkiani. Thanks for sharing your nowruz.

Oh happy new year @ghasemkiani ..Hope this year bring you more success in your life and thanks for sharing it with us..

Happy Nowruz to you

wonderful photography. #

Thanks for sharing.... i appreciate your post
keep it up dear....

Happy new year. Wish you all the best.

You are a beautiful person and you have all the respect I wish you and wish you happiness from my heart ..Happy New Year

Eid-e shoma mobarak! That roughly means have a "blessed celebration."

Sal-e now mobarak! That means "Blessed New Year" or just "Happy New Year!"

Thanks for sharing is 2018 happy New year

Happy Iranian New Year too dear.i hope you enjoy your good moment of new year.this photo very excellent.i approciate your post.thanks to sharing of your good post.. @ghasemkiani

Happy new year buddy :)

Thank you. I wish you a happy and prosperous year.

Happy Nowruz. Have a great year.
How do you traditionally celebrate Nowruz? Can you write it in Persian script? I want to send it to a friend of mine - she is Persian but studying abroad.

Thank you. We usually say "سال نو مبارک" (Happy New Year). Also, there are several Persian posts from Iranians under the tag #nowruz.

Ok. Thanks. I sent off the greeting in Persian. She always appreciates that.

happy Nowruz to you all

thanks for sharing this post i appreciate your post best of luck ..resteemit...

wow good post i like this keep it up

Happy Nowruz!!!

fabulous one

Great happy New year

very nice post friends. I really like your friends post.

i didn't know about it... thanks for informing...😁 btw...happy iranian new year to you...☺

well its nice stuff and good steeming for community

Happy iranian new too.. @ghasemkiani
Very effective post....thanks to share it

I was not aware about it but big thanks to you for sharing this and i wish you a Happy Iranian New Year :) have a great start :D

Congretulation everyone

I wish you a happy year
To achieve everything you wish

Happy Nowruz , though this year Nowruz was not celebrated as usual due to a Shahadat. May this year brings all the success, happiness and joy to you and your family, amen!

its beautiful to know about Happy Iranian New Year

Happy New Year To All the Persians. This is the best time to start new year as the harvest season of wheat has started.

Happy new year to you my friend.

وقت بخیر
سال نوی شما هم مبارک :)
امکانش هست تلگرامتون رو بدید تا گپی بزنیم و کمی در مورد تجاربتون بهم بگید و بهم یاد بدید کار در اینجا رو؟ :)

سلام. خیلی ممنون. از آشنایی با شما خوشحالم. شناسه‌ی من آنجا هم همین است. ولی راستش زیاد فرصت چت ندارم. اگر سؤال خاصی داشته باشید که بتوانم پاسخ دهم، خوشحال می‌شوم که کمک کنم.

Hello my brother @ghasemkiani, how are you? wish you good health always :)

Thank you, @doktormuslem. I wish you all the best.

amiin. Thanks my brother :)

Hey agha @ghasemkiani
I appreciate the best of this event that you have done so well for this stuff and steeming.

happy New year @ghasemkiani

happy iranian years..

Happy Nowruz

Happy iranian day,thanks a lot for letting us know about this.

Happy Iranian new year in advance. @ghasemkiani.

Very nice post and happy Iranian Day.

Happy Iranian New Year @ghasemkiani
Peace and Goodluck:)

Happy new year 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Of course. You can also contact me on steemit.chat with the same ID.

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If you would not vote for me then I won't be butthurt, but then I would like to hear what I can improve as a witness (if you have time).

I just voted for you. Good luck.

Thank you very much!!

Happy New year to you and your family.

Hey ;) Are you from Iran? ;)
We have boon there last year. Iran is our favorite country so far...

Thats great happy new year

Very Beautiful photo, 😃, wonderful foods

Hello, thx i appreciate your vote on my article thanks you so much, this one


what a beautiful table display!!! hope little goldfish has a bigger tank when he goes inside though :)

please teach me how to post friends let a lot of upvote

Ghasemkiani, you will always have a friend in the U.S. I consider myself a Patriot and I'm never afraid to stand up for Iran and it's people, I stand up for Iran regardless of the US Government's opinion, the US government is on the wrong side of history, I dare anyone in America to question my Patriotism, and I support the Palestinian's as well, I have been outspoken in my support and every year I post about the US and it's CIA coup in 1953, I also have posted a month ago how wrong Trump is in regards to Iran and posted a story on it. The US is crazy right now, and the Corporations act as if they are the US government, everything in the news about Russian manipulation is a lie, and most Americans know our media doesn't represent the American people, and the mainstream media in the US is failing miserably to the point they are censoring Social Media as if we lived in China, thanks for your upvotes on my posts I appreciate it, take care 😀

you share a great post. Thank you so much 😃

Amazing idea of the post

Table looks amazing.. :)

Thanks, @ghasemkiani and happy Nowroz to you as well.i am so late .

hi my friend.Thanks if you see my page

hi my friend.Thanks if you see my page

@ghasemkiani belated Happy Nowruz to you sir... wishing you a happy, heathy, and prosperous new year!!! I have posted Nature related post on my blogs you really like them, if you want visit my blog. Then visit @rhn268 thanks!!!

*****Happy New Year*****

Would I like to read more about Nowruz? Very beautiful and Interesting!

The picture is well made. Please visit my blog too.

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