Sakura watercolor by @bidesign

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ntopaz-image-0Hello all,

Working people always inspires me. I wanted to join @shibasaki technique Sakura watercolor fun with @veryspider and @scrawly. This is what @bidesign can do with watercolor. Yes need some more practice but wanted to share with you.

About Media:
Made with watercolor on A4 paper as you can see in the GIF below: (If you can not see the GIF, visit my steemit post)


You can see @shibasaki tutorial from the link:

You can see @veryspider and @scrawly artwork from the links:

Hope you enjoy,
Thanks for interest.


Cool!!! very nice watercolour painting @bidesign
Haha I was about to say oh this is a new trend? you're all following lessons from great @shibasaki!!

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😊👍✌️ hahaha may be it will if someone else joins 😋.

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May be you will host a tree contest on @ntopaz 😁😊

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Oh so pure and transparent it is! Watercolor painting is the essence of the nature I guess. Smoothly imbued and scattered to the soul. The color spread itself through the line of the paper. It also symbolized another nature of the color. Today is so shiny day because of you ^^ Thank you so much. Wanna see your next work ~~

😊 Thanks for kind words🙏

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Nice watercolor 👏

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thank you 😊

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Hey nice job man, it looks great!

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Wooohoo!!! You did join the steemit art class!!! :D :D :D This looks so wonderful, @bidesign ! Love the animated gif of your hand doing the watercolours and the result is very nice :)

😊👍👏 Looks better now after dried more. yes thought joining you will be fun 😋

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You have the fastest hand!
Much nice it looks.


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I love to see more and more people being inspired by shibasaki. He is an amazing artist and there is so much to learn from him.

You've done it very well! This shows me that his instruction and clear and understandable.

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Talent is something that inspires by itself. But in the form of art feels like a special touch...

Do you mean that i am not talented? Broke my heart 💔 I am gonna flag you 😋😊👍✌️

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Ahahah, Of course not, what I meant to say is, that when someone is so talented it really inspires people!! :D

What a lovely sakura tree that you painted. Did you paint this side way? And you created your drawing pretty quickly, did it take you 5 minutes to draw?

Well done :).

15 min may be😁😊😅Actually it took close to 1 hour because of waiting for dry between layers. But preparing a setup for turning them to a post takes close to 3 hours. (preparing recording setup, taking a shot (it looks better now after fully dried,) process show). I did not paint the sideways because of circular composition.

Quick and relaxing technique of watercolor looked attractive to me to make it. 😊

Usually it costs more hours when i wanted produce some new pieces but feedbacks are usually same for 15 min and 24 hours. 😊😅

Idk. I studied 4 years drawing in fine arts highschool 7 years sculpting in fine arts uni and worked in sculpting jobs. last 6 years worked as graphic designer. Still looking a new way of living. 😊

Thanks for interest @scrawly.

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