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Hello Everybody,

I designed this "LED EMOJI SET GIF" for "EMOJI" icon contest hosted by @ntopaz. I had prepared an motion emoji GIF for "EMOTIV" contest before. (You can check it from link: https://steemit.com/ntopaz/@bidesign/ntopaz--bidesign--1436076667--ntopaz-art-contest-ocdb-ocd-resteem--2019-04-20-22-38-57--artwork--none). This time, instead of animating the circuits, I focused on the led motions of the emojis. I made this Emoji Set GIF with Adobe After Effects.

May be you will like some standing images too:



Hope you enjoy,
Thanks for interest.

You can get information about and participate "EMOJI" contest by @ntopaz from link:

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The farther I move the phone away— the kl’er they look 👀

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👍🙏It is nice to hear this. Thank you

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OMG, I missed this really amazing EMOJI SET.. I apologized it, and am going to Resteem.


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